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  1. J

    Movie-A-Day part Deux

    Add me to the list
  2. J

    Arena Football League is folding

    Farewell to rattlers!! :)
  3. J

    Nuclear Cowboyz - free tix

    Take your daughter to a movie or a park...she will enjoy there more!! :)
  4. J

    JJ Putz

    He has done it many times....if they don't stop him it will be the end of this side
  5. J

    Archie Miller to Dayton

    Congrats to Archie!!! :)
  6. J

    OT Will someone tell me why Jon Wilner hates Arizona?

    if you hate arizona you s**k...its a great side to be on :)
  7. J

    2011 Roster

    Matt Gorgen works sometimes. He should be considered when you are out to
  8. J

    How fitting is it

  9. J

    Is it me?

    they have fallen like a meteorite
  10. J

    Help me find a video

    Have you tried searching youtube???
  11. J

    OT: Fear the Beard!

    Fear the beard that is damn
  12. J

    Dbacks AA prosepct Paul Goldschmidt is a monster

    Yes agreed that guy has some balls
  13. J

    Coyotes future

    Dark as coal...Coyotes future...they have to bounce back !!!
  14. J

    Texans (#11) want to move up to #5

    I don't know when its gonna will take ages i suppose :)
  15. J

    2011 NBA Playoffs Thread

    Hope they register a win soon :)
  16. J

    Hilarious video

  17. J

    What would you do at 5???

    trade back something good :)
  18. J

    Nuclear Cowboyz - free tix

    wow that is an offer one can't reject :)
  19. J

    Hilarious video

    That was hilarious !

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