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    Cards hopeful WR Brown isn't out long with hamstring injury

    Hamstring not affecting his acceleration. When driving...
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    Other games 09-26 21

    Did I just watch Bucs Chris Godwin copy K1‘s baby Yoda TD celebration?
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    Michael Bidwill hospitalized in Rhode Island with COVID-19 Praying for a full recovery! Michael does expect to be released from the hospital this weekend.
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    Mike Jurecki Done at KGME

    It is Mike Jurecki! He's on right now with Burns and Gambo. Mike will be joining Bertrand Berry's morning show starting Monday.
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    Mike Jurecki Done at KGME

    Burns and Gambo have a MAJOR announcement today at 4:45pm. Jurecki hired? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    3/11: Gambo Tweeted "Hearing Peyton to Az" Fox Sports is now saying it's down to Denver and Tennessee.
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    Coyotes future

    Did anyone else see this interview with Glendale Mayor Scruggs on Channel 12 today? She seems to have thrown in the towel and doesn't think the Coyotes will be around past this season.
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    Phish Meatstick New Year's Eve video

    vkgwhc3cSh0 Phish know how to properly ring in the New Year. :) "Time for the meatstick, Bury the meatstick, Take out the meatstick time Whoa, shocks my brain Whoa, shocks my brain"
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    Week One: Cardinals at Rams (game thread)

    That last pass wasn't even close.
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    Kurt Warner on Dancing with the Stars It's semi-official Kurt will be a contestant on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. It's not a tv show I would normally watch, but I may tune in to see how Kurt does on the dance floor. I hope he does well!
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    Opening Day!

    So who else called in sick this morning in order to make it to the game this afternoon? Funny, when I called in to the HR lady at my office and said I wasn't feeling well, she replied, "That's really strange. A number of people have called in sick today. There must be something going around."...
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    NFL Network replay on Wednesday night

    NFL Network HD is replaying Sunday's Cards-Packers game Wednesday night. DirecTV program schedule is showing it starts at 6pm AZ time. Definitely a game to DVR!
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    Cardinals / Packers Game thread

    Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cards Winnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Cardinals / Packers Game thread

    This game reminds me of last year's NFC Championship game against the Eagles. Let's hope the defense can hold this lead like they did in that game.
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    HP Pavilion Duo Core Media Center PC

    I'm selling an HP Pavilion m7760n Duo Core Media Center PC. It's a little over 2 years old and still works great. It has a 2.13GHz E6400 Core 2 Duo Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB of hard disc space, DVD burner, Hauppauge tv tuner card with Media Center remote, wireless keyboard and mouse. Monitor...
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    This Sunday the NFL Network starts showing 2008 playoff games

    Awesome! According to my DirecTV guide, NFL-HD is replaying the Cardinals - Carolina game next Sunday the 26th at 1pm. That was the one playoff game I didn't DVR, so I wasn't able to include it on the blu-ray discs I burned a while back. Now I'll finally be able to complete the collection.
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    U2 360 tour Barcelona opening night HD videos

    1st time Electrical Storm has been played live. uq8vXUpnssc
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    U2 360 tour Barcelona opening night HD videos

    I used to detest watching concert clips on YouTube taken with point and shoot cameras. The video and sound quality usually horrendous. But now with HD capable camcorders and cameras, I've changed my mind. These are pretty damn awesome! Unforgettable Fire...
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    Steve on Letterman

    Here's video...
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    "If I'm a loser for four consecutive seasons, then maybe I should examine it.

    Here's another quote from that article.. Sarver thinks he can get the Suns back to being competitive and in the playoffs? And he doesn't have a clue how we'll go about getting us there. Wow. How does he expect to convince season ticket holders to renew with that mentality? Seriously, he...
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    NIN and Jane's Addiction at Cricket 5/15

    Awesome concert last Friday night! I thoroughly enjoyed all 3 bands. I took advantage of the relaxed camera/camcorder policy and filmed both NIN and Jane's Addiction with my HD camcorder. I've already posted HD videos of the entire NIN set to YouTube...
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    Cowboys Pratice Facility Collapses

    The ASU bubble practice facility was built by Yeadon Domes, not the same company that built the Cowboys bubble. Yeadon's website has a brochure for their football bubble domes, Quite a few other college and pro teams use these...
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    Cowboys Pratice Facility Collapses

    It wasn't a tornado or strong winds that caused the roof to collapse while the 27 rookie Cowboys worked out. It was a weak draft... :) Rudy Carpenter must've been inside. Talk about deja vu. At least he wasn't inside ASU's practice facility when it's roof blew off.
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    Fan Fest Photos

    Canon 40D w/ Canon 75-300mm zoom lens. I wish I had one of the newer digital SLR's that record HD video.
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    Fan Fest Photos

    They had the defensive players way on the other side of the practice field during most of the practice, so it wasn't possible to get great closeup shots of them. I did take a few photos of the defensive players. They're all up on the Smugmug site.

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