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  1. DakotaCardsFan

    New Defensive Assistant Coach Patrick Toney (age 32)

    Says the guy with 81,617 posts. :) Don't keep us waiting too long, Cheese!
  2. DakotaCardsFan

    Things Don’t Look Much Brighter Despite Record

    It was no FunBags, but it was in the top 5.
  3. DakotaCardsFan

    Fire Joseph right now!

    I wanted to laugh at this, but my anger at the entire Ryan family tree is still palpable. Too soon!
  4. DakotaCardsFan

    Hard to win.

    +1 Exactly how I feel.
  5. DakotaCardsFan

    I am going to beat everyone to this...

    The first and last tackle ever attempted by Player. He usually just made a half-arsed bitch slap at the returner as he watched him run it back for 6 points. Still, I loved Punty McOnebar's helmet.
  6. DakotaCardsFan

    Kyler Murray In Today

    lol - great comedic minds....
  7. DakotaCardsFan

    Kyler Murray In Today

    Is this because he's so short?
  8. DakotaCardsFan

    Major Announcement on 09/04/2018

    Fair point.
  9. DakotaCardsFan

    Major Announcement on 09/04/2018

    I agree with the sentiment, but without the ads would you be inclined to see if you could "save 15% or more with Geiko" or would you just roll with the status quo? I have no problem with State Farm or any other sponsorship. The only problem I had with UoP was the stigma of playing in a college...
  10. DakotaCardsFan

    Kickoffs.....a thing of the past?

    I don't remember how the XFL did that. So it was like opening a match of dodge ball where everyone ran screaming and flailing their arms to mid court (50 yd line) where the ball was?
  11. DakotaCardsFan

    Punter Brock Miller tried out today

    Ha! Old Punty McOneBar. Perhaps the worst tackling punter ever. He would actually slap at the returner as he ran by on the way to the end zone.
  12. DakotaCardsFan

    Cards-40 Eagles-17: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

    The Ugly: Those NFC West Champion shirts. Black with a design that makes you stare at the shirt for 15 seconds trying to read the fine print to figure out what it commemorates. What does "The West is on lock" even mean? Is that some new slang you kids are using these days...
  13. DakotaCardsFan

    OT: Minnesota radio announcers

    Paul Allen's voice just grates on me. He's not just homer, but usually a quite delusional homer. I love hearing him almost cry in a Vikings loss. Nothing will ever top this one, though! "NOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!
  14. DakotaCardsFan

    Goodell talks about Daryl Washington

    Pretty sure that the Cards have already cut bait and moved on. It's the fans that don't want to give up hope of him playing again - myself included. It is done.
  15. DakotaCardsFan

    How many times will we have to look at Pete the Cheat?

    I was thinking of making a drinking game out of it and take drink every time the showed him smacking his gum on the sideline, but I'm afraid I'd miss the entire second half of the game!
  16. DakotaCardsFan

    How many times will we have to look at Pete the Cheat?

    A big match-up on Sunday Night Football and all eyes will be on.... Pete. Every time the Cards play Seattle, it seems Pete Carroll gets more air time than the teams on the field. So how many times will we be subjected to watching Pete chewing his gum on the sideline this Sunday? I'm setting...
  17. DakotaCardsFan

    Mingo/Krueger on the block.

    The trade deadline is Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET.
  18. DakotaCardsFan

    Need to find ways to get D. Johnson the ball

    Was thinking the same thing. Still waiting to see if DJ can pull off the patented Marcel spin move.
  19. DakotaCardsFan

    Logan Thomas Claimed by Dolphins

    Denny Green disagrees. Dang, that never gets old!
  20. DakotaCardsFan

    1st Round Pick DJ Humphries Leaves Field with Apparent Knee Injury

    There you go, Mitch. Looks like his nickname is Ankle Deep now! ;)
  21. DakotaCardsFan

    BA - Classic line about DJ Humphries - Knee Deep

    I hear you, Mitch, but I think there's a difference between coaching teenagers/amateurs and coaching pros. I don't think it's in a high school team's best interest for their coach to be calling players out publicly. But when it comes to motivating professional athletes, I'll defer to the...
  22. DakotaCardsFan

    Massie suspended 3 games Not a ringing endorsement for Massie's replacement.
  23. DakotaCardsFan

    Mel Kiper's Top 10 Updated

    I don't know why they keep listing Zenner as a fullback. He's 5'11" and 223 lbs. and wouldn't project to fullback in the NFL.
  24. DakotaCardsFan

    Just saw on Twitter Dick LeBeau parted ways with Steelers