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  1. nooch

    Thank you Kliff

    I was calling them to run the ball on the 4th and 1 play, my reasoning was Kyler was over 100 yards rushing at that point and took a big hit the play before. Chase was getting guys to miss and looked to be on the verge of breaking a big run. I put more blame on the O-line on that one play get...
  2. nooch

    2019 MLB Draft (June 3rd - June 5th)

    But I know nothing of these guys, so it won't be either haha
  3. nooch

    2019 MLB Draft (June 3rd - June 5th)

    And it still looks like one or both of Gunnar Henderson and Matthew Allan are still there
  4. nooch

    2019 MLB Draft (June 3rd - June 5th)

    Interesting pick I like tall lefties pitchers
  5. nooch

    2019 MLB Draft (June 3rd - June 5th)

    They have the biggest draft pool for money. Maybe Gunnar Henderson if not.
  6. nooch

    2019 MLB Draft (June 3rd - June 5th)

    Matthew Allan maybe there pick?
  7. nooch

    Myles Gaskin

    Ideally I'd wait until the 7th round or get undrafted free agents. Still too many other needs at more important spots.
  8. nooch

    Adam Gase?

    Adam Schefter‏Verified account@AdamSchefter 1h1 hour ago Former Dolphins’ HC Adam Gase is scheduled to take his first HC interview this post-season with the Arizona Cardinals on Wednesday, per source.
  9. nooch

    Jets desperate for a pass rusher

    Good thought in theory, but I don't trust Keim with top end draft capitol.
  10. nooch

    Diamondbacks new uni's

    I dig them. They're not overdone, and more importantly not soooo red like every other team in MLB. Think they will grow on a lot who don't like them now. Look forward to seeing them on the field. :thumbup:
  11. nooch

    Veldeer Honeymoon is over

    More concerning is the fact that Campbell disappears so often when he should be dominating. Lets not forget there starting tackle got hurt and we couldn't take advantage.
  12. nooch

    Anyone going to Seattle?

    I was living up there in the 04-06. Got tix in the north end zone. We got destroyed that game I was one of the only fans wearing a Cardinal jersey. Got **** thrown at me, constant heckling from everyone around me 1st time I had went into an opposing stadium. Never said anything because our...
  13. nooch

    8-0 going into Seattle on Sunday night?

    But I thought during this stretch we were suppose to 0-10...........oh wait
  14. nooch

    All quiet on Washington front

    I think most of us just want a ruling one way or another. The uncertainty and lack of a timely punishment is a complete joke by the league.
  15. nooch

    Dbacks going after Chapman?

    While trades are exciting, nervous about this one. Chapman is awesome, but I think its too soon to go after a piece like this.
  16. nooch

    Who did we lose from last season?

    Todd Bowles
  17. nooch

    Day 3 Possibilities

  18. nooch

    Day 3 Possibilities

    CB Darryl Roberts (Marshall) 6'0" 182lbs C Chad Hamilton (Coastal Carolina) 6'2" 292lbs
  19. nooch

    2015 1st round pick is DJ Humphries OT

    Best thing about this pick he doesn't wear 75
  20. nooch

    Dbacks sign Cuban Slugger Tomas

    Nick Piecoro ‏@nickpiecoro 4m4 minutes ago Dbacks manager Chip Hale says the team will give Yasmany Tomas a chance to win the third base job in spring training.
  21. nooch

    Didi traded in 3 way NY/Det

    Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal 1h1 hour ago Source: Gregorius going to #Yankees. Deal is done. Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal 55m55 minutes ago Source: Deal also includes Greene to #Tigers, Ray to #DBacks and another minor leaguer going from DET to AZ. Ken Rosenthal ‏@Ken_Rosenthal...
  22. nooch

    Trade Deadline

    Mike Jurecki ‏@mikejurecki 8m8 minutes ago Hearing the #Cardinals are looking for a pass rusher before the Tuesday trade deadline. They've had talks but nothing serious at this point.
  23. nooch


    Harsh part is Calais could have taken out Manning when he got the pick but didn't Classless move by Thomas.
  24. nooch

    Mike Bidwill Rips City of Glendale on TV

    My brother in law finally got season tickets these past couple seasons after being on New England season ticket wait list since 1995. He drives 4-5 hours each way from New Hampshire. Driving to the west side 8-10 times (not counting playoffs) for Cardinal Games is not a big deal...

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