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  1. legend

    Cardinals Initial 53

    Whiteheart and Arias - they both flashed.
  2. legend

    Simmons traded to Giants for a 7th

    good dating advise . .
  3. legend

    Simmons traded to Giants for a 7th

    Wow! . . . a warm sixpack . .
  4. legend

    Who's This Guy?

    "Olds . . . " Some Beach
  5. legend

    How I Got Involved in This

    Good story Harry, thanks!
  6. legend

    Keim Steps Down

    Thanks for posting that unseen. I hope for the best for Keim.
  7. legend

    10 thoughts - free agency

    It all depends on if they can find Keim's Magic 8 Ball or not. He may have taken it with him. I think we all know what Keim did with that 8 Ball . . .
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    Are you renewing your season tix?

    My daughter took over my seats a few years back. She’s renewing. It’s a part of her now . . sigh . . She grew up going with us to Flagstaff getting pictures with the players and coaches. Beanie, Whiz . . Larry. Wonderful day trips. great times !
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    Clean slate Gang.

    Just heard Vance was released. another good decision and not a cheap one. Michael’s siblings must be considering mutiny.
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    Cards Hire Jonathan Gannon as New HC

    To anyone who is not impressed with our new head coach... "show me on the doll where the Cardinals hurt you"
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    Suns @ Pacers Friday game thread 2-10-2023

    Well F'n Great ! Dish doesn't carry Bally Sports . . . serenity now . . .
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    Suns @ Pacers Friday game thread 2-10-2023

    Hey I just switched to Dish...what channel are the Suns on plz??
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    Crying about the refs….

    I agree with this.
  14. legend

    POLL: Sean Payton in 2023 (Officially Going to Denver)

    our usual drive up the price leverage appearance . .
  15. legend

    The Window

    well...maybe he had a some "reference material" at home...out in the garage..
  16. legend

    98.7 sports radio | Bidwill Press Conference

    Bidwill....not much of a poker face
  17. legend

    Kliff Fired

    Pleazzzz....Not VJ
  18. legend

    I was wrong…what about you.

    Yeah...I was dead wrong. Hook, line and stinker.
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    Would U Participate in a Class Action Suit against the Cards?

    I already posted my daughter took over my tickets 5 years ago...She's threatening to sue me for damages. Pretty good case. I was thinking about suing Ray's Pizza for making me Fat. Pretty good case.
  20. legend

    Cards RELEASE Eno Benjamin

    I'm thinking his release is not football related.
  21. legend

    What I Saw

    Ball came out on time. Colt is a pro . . seasoned and efficient. Kliff called a coherent offense. Kyler needs to put in the work.
  22. legend

    Christmas is coming folks

    It'll look Great next to my authentic Isabella jersey :)
  23. legend

    Week 8 2022: Heroes and Goats

    Anyone besides the Vikes Defensive Coordinator notice : left guard looks at Kyler, pats the center, center bobs his head down then snaps the ball. Very predictable cadence for the Dline to time up. Where's the coaching - the self scouting ??