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    Giants at the Cardinals gameday thread 9-17-23

    How does this happen..
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    Clayton Tune week 3 film

    Interesting analysis here -
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    5 Things I'm Optimistic About for 2023

    Good post. My short list at the moment: 1. Coaching. Decent start to the preseason, but how will this staff handle regular season games? 2. Tune. I think we're going to see him at some point. Can he develop? If so, what does that even mean for the future? 3. James Conner: I have him on...
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    Josh Jones traded to the Houston Texans

    Keim sucked at everything... except, for trades. Hard to know if Monti is going to have the same success at this rate...
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    Simmons traded to Giants for a 7th

    Pathetic all around for all involved with drafting and coaching Simmons.
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    The News of the Game

    I enjoyed the game last night on several levels - primarily glad we have competent coaching again it would seem.
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    Broncos at Cardinals PS gameday thread 8-11-23

    I know it's preseason but that game was pretty great.
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    Ballys walking away from the Diamondbacks contract...

    Man.... HUGE BUMMER! Come on Dbacks! Follow the Suns! I have MLB all team sub and this change still doesn't allow me to watch AZ. Honestly, very disappointed.
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    How I Got Involved in This

    :biglaugh: My finest contribution is clearly my avatar :)
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    How I Got Involved in This

    You're the most valuable contributor on the board! I've enjoyed your commentary over the years.
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    Cardinals Busted for Tampering with Gannon.

    What a clown show.
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    New Uniforms for the Cardinals

    These jerseys are it?? Totally uninspired. Meh. Disappointing. Fail. In fact, expel Bidwill.
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    Budda requests trade

    Welcome to the job, Monti.
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    Corey Peters announces his retirement

    Solid guy and player for us!
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    I'm fairly sure #BirdCity is dead

    whoever came up with birdcity hopefully has been fired from the marketing department
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    Is this team unlikeable?

    Never has it been harder to like the current version of this team, unfortunately.
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    AI assistance with new head coaching announcement...

    Gotta admit... not too shabby :)
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    When we finally hire our head coach, I really hope this isn't the reaction:

    When we finally hire our head coach, I hope this isn't the reaction...
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    Cardinals Hire Titans' Monti Ossenfort as New GM

    Yes! It is here to stay, fellas…
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    Cardinals Hire Titans' Monti Ossenfort as New GM

    Let's see how Monti does. None of us know yet. I don't have much of an opinion... seems to be a decent hire but we just don't know. I am glad they went outside the organization.
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    JJ Watt pretty much……announces retirement

    He was great for us. Glad he was a Cardinal for a short time. Leaves a huge gap in leadership once he's gone.
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    A Few Questions for Murray

    Answer: a lot! :)
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    I am not saying Colt is great (he is not) but..

    Trade Kyler! :thewave: