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  1. thephoenixson28

    2023 Phoenix Suns Offseason

    My friend took these pics
  2. thephoenixson28

    2023-24 Around the NBA Thread

    Doesn't Barkley hate Durant and vise versa?
  3. thephoenixson28

    The Durant Sweepstakes

    Looks like Jaylen Brown ain't happy
  4. thephoenixson28

    The Durant Sweepstakes

    Why? If he truly has insider info, why hate a guy for it? Not every insider gets it right and that includes guys like woj. If the guy is wrong it's not the end of the world.
  5. thephoenixson28

    The Durant Sweepstakes

  6. thephoenixson28

    The Durant Sweepstakes

    Didn't they also cheer when he tore his Achilles?
  7. thephoenixson28

    JJ Watt

    Football is not always told on a stat sheet
  8. thephoenixson28

    Poll: RB Situation

    Todd Gurley anyone?
  9. thephoenixson28

    Larry Fitzgerald is a free agent

    Fitz was never known for getting separation.
  10. thephoenixson28

    Deflated with this offseason

    Trust me there is light at the end of the tunnel
  11. thephoenixson28

    Cardinals : AJ green signed

    Aj green has something to prove. Love it
  12. thephoenixson28

    Dez Bryant wants to be a Cardinal

    No Aj green?
  13. thephoenixson28

    Todd Bowles In 2021

    Tampa bay is his next gig if Arians hangs them up
  14. thephoenixson28

    State flag jerseys

    I feel like the need a different color around the neck area looks plain.
  15. thephoenixson28

    Rams just got better by subtraction

    I would definitely sign Gurley if drake signs with another team. I honestly would rather have Gurley to be honest.
  16. thephoenixson28

    DJ traded to the Texans for DeAndre Freaking Hopkins

    I think it will burn a bridge with Irvin. Sounds like he didnt want it to come out.
  17. thephoenixson28

    DJ traded to the Texans for DeAndre Freaking Hopkins

    I just hope with this backlash the owner doesnt fire him and backs out of the deal. Slim chance I just hope it dont happen
  18. thephoenixson28

    DJ traded to the Texans for DeAndre Freaking Hopkins

    Hope this dont affect the trade
  19. thephoenixson28

    Rumor: Cards have made a trade

    Anyone see stefon Diggs wearing cardinals gear in his Instagram stories when training
  20. thephoenixson28

    The Suns next big move

    He is averaging 12+ rebounds a game. Far from being a dud. He does it effortlessly that's why people are so upset. With a aggressive Ayton he can grab 15+ boards a game.

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