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    Scariest movie ever?

    The scariest to me was the Exorcist. I was a young teenager when I saw that movie the first time and it gave me nightmares! This movie wasn't as scary, but I liked Jeepers Creepers, especially because it had a different ending from most horror flicks.
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    OT - What High School Did you go to?

    Payson High in AZ '78-'80. Graduated from Cortez High (AZ) in '81.
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    Actual Wonderlic question...I think this one stumped Rice

    "sicty cent" I love that! I'll be laughing all night at work! Thanks.
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    What is the possible downside of signing Emmitt Smith?

    I could be wrong Ed, because this is just from memory, but didn't Thomas Jones take himself out with an injured ankle?
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    What is the possible downside of signing Emmitt Smith?

    Yeah you're right. I'm just slow on the uptake.
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    Actual Wonderlic question...I think this one stumped Rice

    Simeon say Simeon don't need no stinkin rope!
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    What is the possible downside of signing Emmitt Smith?

    I think most of the anti Emmitt sentiment is based on the "Plummer" scenario. They are scared no matter how bad Emmitt plays he will start because he is Emmitt. I welcome him as long as we have true competition at the position.
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    We have a QB...

    It looks like we are trying to build that smash mouth, run the ball down their throats team! Steady unspetacular Q.B. that can throw deep to keep the defense honest and won't give the game away. Woo Hoo! This day just keeps getting better and better! :D
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    Who Is Getting Me In Trouble With Jurecki?!?!

    Wasn't me. Some one should Email Jurecki and tell him to EAT!
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    Super Bowl MVP, Ex-Ram FB Sign With Cards As Free Agents

    Don't give us that 48 hr. junk. Sign Blake today and give us reason to hope! I actually don't feel totally depressed today. BLAKE! BLAKE! BLAKE!
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    Start your "positive spin" engines Tango, Colvin's a Patriot

    We'll be 60 mil. under the cap with the number one pick in the draft after this season?
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    In defense of Mac, Graves, and the Cards

    I agree with Tango about Graves. There are posters that want to take him out in the desert and beat him to death with a rubber hose. The guy deserves some time. On the other hand it is REAL hard as a fan to watch this team's management fail so often year after year. I have a little hope...
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    Trade up to get Suggs! Now!

    I'm an arizona guy and always cheer for A.S.U. I want Suggs too, but I am afraid my bias is clouding my judgement. I haven't seen most of the other guys play that much and am devoted to A.S.U. The guys that watch a lot of college ball seem to like Suggs too. Suggs could be a great one someday.
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    a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in awhile...

    After watching Bill Bidwill in action every since he came to the Valley I think a more apt question is "Will a squirrel that doesn't even want to find an acorn still find one and if he does will he keep it?"
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    You Say The Sky Is Falling...I say It's Not

    I've calmed down. You should see me after a loss! I'm disappointed in losing Boston and not getting anything, but I will wait and see what happens during the rest of the off season. I was going through my closet and all my jerseys are either Jake Plummer or David Boston! I've got to get...
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    I just think it's possible. If Josh McCown ends up as our starting Q.B. we might lose them all. Remember, thanks to McGinnis, McCown has zero real experience in N.F.L. games. We certainly aren't a lock to beat Cincy even with a Kordell Stewart at the controls. As Ed and others have...
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    Hey Ed, Has anyone ever gone 0-16 in a 16 game season? I remember Dallas going 1-15. Maybe it's Bidwill's goal for the 2003 season.
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    I have a postive. The way Graves is going we will be 50 million under the cap next year! Whoo Hoo! Also we might quit losing all our good players to free agency because we won't have any good players.

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