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    Your Day 1 Cardinals grade?

    Gave A. It boiled down to 1. Will Anderson (assumption as the best player); or 2. Paris Johnson, Gain 2 picks in 2024 (Texans 1st next year, Texans 3rd next year,) Pick #81, A move up from #33 to #32 and lose round 4.
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    What the Cards Lack

    Get Sean Payton and Tom Brady (only for a year).
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    What to do with Kyler Murray

    I think we give him a contract this year, that is palatable to all. Next year will increase the price with Herbert and Burrow also up for extension.
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    This and That

    My biggest fear of something stupid other than getting wasted, is partying with a lot of folks over thanksgiving and then testing positive. This is one of the ideal weekends when Covid transmission will be at a higher rate.
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    OBJ Sweepstakes

    Doesn't he have to clear the waivers before he can choose a team of his liking. Giants can mess with him and pick him up in the waivers. But most likely Seattle or 49ers.
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    Kyler Murray - Rule 5 Eligible

    Founded in 1854, The Philadelphia Cricket Club is one of the oldest clubs in the country devoted to the playing of games. Way before NFL.
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    Kyler Murray - Rule 5 Eligible

    The first ever international cricket game was played between the USA and Canada in 1844 at the St George's Cricket Club in New York and in 1859 a team of leading English professionals visited North America on the first-ever overseas tour But USA gave up on cricket as it gave up on all things...
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    Kyler Murray - Rule 5 Eligible

    As a guy who lived in India and East Africa, we considered rounders (baseball) a sissy game. Cricket is my first love, but American Football is close second. Baseball is a pitchers game, cricket is a batters game.
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    Is this a good Fantasy Team to begin a 12 team season with?

    even if it was re-draft, how do allow round 1 keepers.
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    What do you expect from Deandre Hopkins in game 1?

    Zilch - the game will be cancelled :-)
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    Around the nfl rumors before the draft. April 22nd-April 25th 2019

    But I rather have webOS (q Williams)
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    Keim's draft success

    I am not sure that draft picks on the roster implies below average drafting. We also have lost players to FA or would not re-sign them.
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    Goin' To Carolina

    511 if you book to RDU and back to SMF via US airways. Both flights have a plane change in Charlotte. Get off and dont take any bags. Airlines will not like this a bit. Better yet, book one way trips.
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    WOW!!! Clowney hit

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    WOW!!! Clowney hit

    Awesome hit. Would have been the first pick this year, but is not eligible for draft. One more year at school for him. Wishing him all the best.
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    xtra 910 or ktar

    Thank you
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    xtra 910 or ktar

    so what did he say
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    Will we be

    ecstatic with the speed at which Cards hire their new GM and/or Coach or will be grumbling next week when the coach pool dries up? Which team will hire their coaches before us - Bills, Bears, Chargers, Chiefs, Browns or Eagles How fast the Cards move will be a telling sign as we do not...
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    Cards Bills 2012 Game Thread

    Seattle wins. 49ers and Rams lose. Go figure
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    Coach's Film Breakdown: Request Day!!

    Cosell's highlight (for what it is worth) : PHILADELPHIA OFFENSE VERSUS ARIZONA DEFENSE · Eagles shot play on 1st play of game, LT Bell did not get Campbell blocked and Vick ran for 3 yds · 1st play was same play Vick hit Jackson for 88 yd TD versus Redskins on Monday night...
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    Anyone Else Hear This?

    All we need is Horton to figure similar things against Philly, maybe with Kolb's help.
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    Salary cap space (from PFT)

    According to the article, the number will change at the start of the season when all players on the 53-man roster and on any reserve list is accounted/ Also the team may now carry over any remaining cap space automatically, from one year to the next. So there’s no a longer a...
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    ASFN Has Become A Teenage Vampire Movie..

    So it is all about Bestality and Necrophilia :mulli:
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    At todays practice..

    We just to have to wait for the 4th Qtr for Skelton to show up Any feedback on Ryan Williams would be appreciated.

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