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  1. brettman82

    Smokin' Aces

    This movie rocked!
  2. brettman82

    Cards to challenge Seahawks?

    Ask and you shall receive The NFC West was a runaway for the Seattle Seahawks last season. It was the least competitive division in football. Seattle was the first team to clinch a division title, as no other team had more than six victories. Even though the Seahawks are still the...
  3. brettman82

    James skipping this week’s voluntary workouts

    Its not like Edge is sitting at home eating cheetos and playing video games while the rest of the team is busting their butts in these voluntary workouts. He is down here training in S. Fla with the rest of the Cane alums.
  4. brettman82

    Movie A Day #132: The Big Lebowski

    Funniest character in the movie (besides John Goodman's character) is "the Jesus" (played by John Turturo). The dude abides.
  5. brettman82

    Andre Wadsworth on XTRA

    I played high school ball against AW for two years down here in S. Florida. The dude was a man amongst boys. He played both ways and dominated every facet of the game. He was truly a class act. Never once did he talk trash even when his team smoked us during my sophomore year (his junior year)...
  6. brettman82

    New punt returner

    That would be Ed Reed or Tremain Mack.
  7. brettman82

    Check out this tidbit from the Dolphins Training camp

    Lorenzo Diamond never really lit a fire in my panties, but ok. :O
  8. brettman82

    Check out this tidbit from the Dolphins Training camp

    Looks like its not just the Rams that collect the Cards garbage anymore... While Frerotte and Feeley drew post-practice praise from Saban, Sage Rosenfels also had a nice day throwing. Rosenfels lofted a pass to Lorenzo Diamond for a 45-yard touchdown in a seven-on-seven drill after the tight...
  9. brettman82

    Vick struggles

    Updated: July 27, 2005, 1:15 PM ET Vick struggles on first day of campBy Len Pasquarelli Archive Related Video: Sal tells you why T.O. has nowhere to go FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Here are five observations on the Atlanta Falcons, based on the July 25 afternoon practice: 1. The...
  10. brettman82

    Caption This

    David Boston Pic
  11. brettman82

    Highschool football question

    Depends on the size of the school. I attended a 1A-2A private school in South Florida and our team had about 35 players. Many of us played both ways including special teams. Out of the 35 players I would say 10-15 of them never sniffed the field. I personally loved playing both ways. It is...
  12. brettman82

    Williams wants to come back to NFL?

    Jamar Fletcher? :biglaugh:
  13. brettman82

    Football training tangent

    If you aren't looking to spend hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer you should pickup a copy of the "Arnold Schwarzenegger Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding". It is a great book for anyone wanting to learn how to weight train. It is written for both the beginner and the advanced. It...
  14. brettman82

    Football training tangent

    Get him a gold card at GNC and put him on some weight gainer.
  15. brettman82

    Maybe I wasn't invited to this Pimpin' Party but...

    Najeh is faster and bigger then Marcel. He ran a 4.45 40 in college. He is only entering his 4th year in the league. It couldn't hurt to give the guy a look.
  16. brettman82

    Hartwell on Sirious

    Lavar Woods? Leon Joe? :shrug:
  17. brettman82

    I saw 8 Cards fans at the game

    There was something like 12,000 remaining tickets as of this past Thursday. I believe CBS bit the bullet and purchased the tickets so they could lift the local blackout and televise the game. I was at the game as well and there could not have been more than 40,000 fans in attendance. BTW...
  18. brettman82

    Saints at Cardinals: YOU make the call.

    Forsey is taking Lamar Gordon's roster spot since the Dolphins placed Gordon on the IR. Leonard Henry is the new starting tailback for Miami, but expect Forsey to get some touches as the Dolphins can't keep any of their backs healthy. Don't expect Henry to get you many fantasy points. :O
  19. brettman82

    Saints at Cardinals: YOU make the call.

    Forsey is a Dolphin as of 2 days ago. No worries. :)
  20. brettman82

    Wally what's your inside scoop on Jared payton?

    It is possible some team will reach for him in the 7th round if he has a good workout at UM's pro day. He will never amount to anything more than a special teamer in the NFL. He did excel on kickoff coverage at UM. I remember him putting some pretty nasty hits on opposing players.

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