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    Jordan Hicks given permission by team to seek trade

    Name a team and a deal that might be interested in Hicks?
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    State Of The Team

    I heard that Michell and Hurst might be available because of NE and Atlanta’s draft. Might be a good idea to use the extra comp picks to get them.
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    2021 Draft Day 3 Thread

    Agreed. What up with him and Tay Gowan?
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    Round 1

    This probably means a trade to the back of the 1st round.
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    Poll: RB Situation

    I wonder if now that the Bucs have signed Fournett if they would be willing to trade Ronald Jones? Jones can’t be happy with the signing.
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    TE availability

    Mason Cole for Brate? Isn’t that about $4.5 million? Thanks Pugh. Come on Kiem and Litcht, get it done. There’s a reason why we brought in Winters and resigned Garcia.
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    The Trading Down Strategy

    The key is one of the five top QB's being on the board. Both WFT and Chicago, need one. Not to mention, maybe NO.
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    The state of the roster

    Two 7th round picks can fill the 6th WR spot and special teams. Maybe a Dax Milne type could do both.
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    Kyle Fuller

    Agreed. This year’s 5th, next year’s 3rd. As it stands we should be in line for a comp pick next year.
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    Kyle Fuller

    Can Kiem pull it off?
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    CB's issue

    Maybe Kendall Fuller? For a 3rd next year?
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    Larry Fitzgerald is a free agent

    Larry should do one more favor for the Cards and sign a FA contract with another team. If he did and had a decent year, right now the Cards could be looking at 3 comp picks next year.
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    What the hell is our backup QB situation right now

    Look for somebody like Mond or Newman in the 3rd to 5th.
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    Hoping that this signing brings Fitz and Pederson back at 1/2 price to chase the ring. Also like to see Reddick hold to his word that he is not chasing the highest price but best fit. Last year seemed to be his best fit. The devil you know is better than the devil you don't.
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    The Official 2021 NFL Mock Draft post your own thread

    Trade 16 to Saints for 28 and Lattimore. 1. Najee Harris 2. Terrance Marshall 3. Creed Humphrey/Landon Dickerson 5. Hunter Long 7. ?