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    Rumor: Lakers Seeking Sign & Trade for CP3

    Honestly, just not giving him to the Lakers to improve their roster is more of a benefit than getting anything they would offer in return. Let CP3 walk if that's really how he feels. Lakers can't sign him outright.
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    Bucks @ Suns Saturday Finals game thread 7-17-2021 Game - Game 5

    You could argue we faced it when we were down 1-2 to the Lakers after losing 1 at home and they really responded in that game 4
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    Suns @ Bucks Wednesday Finals game thread 7-14-2021 - Game 4

    Eh this is meaningless to me. CP3 had 10 days off after the Denver series and another week after the Clippers. Most of the finals games have 2 days between too. There's no reason he shouldn't be able to play heavy minutes same with Ayton.
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    Finals Here We Come!!!

    Anyone see if they're doing the viewing party at the arena for the away games?
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    Devin Booker, Chris Paul and Patrick Beverley WCF

    Such BS. If CP3 got injured from that push the suspension would've been so much worse. A suspension for this shouldn't depend on whether or not a player was injured.
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    An Asterisk Championship?

    ***** the haters. They're just jealous it's not them cause if it was their team they wouldn't be saying any of it. In 10 years nobody will care about the path that was put in front of us.
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    Finals Here We Come!!!

    I have a buddy that works at the arena, and they told him be prepared to work the 8th and 11th if the east finals ends in 7 or the 6th and 8th if the East finals ends in 6.
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    Finals Here We Come!!!

    Anybody have any kind of insight on when they usually announce the finals schedule?
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    Suns @ Clippers Wednesday WCF game thread 6-30-2021 - Game 6

    There's so much pessimism in here. I know we didn't bring it last night, but this team always responds after getting shown up. No chance this broke their spirit and they don't come out fighting.
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    Clippers @ Suns Monday WCF game thread 6-28-2021 - Game 5

    Defense looks slow today...
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    Suns @ Clippers Saturday WCF game thread 6-26-2021 - Game 4

    I could be wrong, but I believe the finals don't start until the 8th regardless.
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    Suns @ Clippers Saturday WCF game thread 6-26-2021 - Game 4

    This is awesome to know. I'm gonna try and go for the next one. Hopefully it'll be a finals game.
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    Suns @ Clippers Saturday WCF game thread 6-26-2021 - Game 4

    Anyone whose ever played pickup basketball should know that call should never be off the offensive player.
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    Clippers @ Suns Tuesday WCF game thread 6-22-2021 - Game 2

    I can't stand him. He's pure clickbait drama trash.
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    Chris Paul enters COVID Protocol

    No and it sounds like we won't know for sure until Saturday. It's all speculation at this point but it's fun to discuss. It honestly seems like you're freaking out more than anyone here though lol.

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