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    You Are the Owner. What do you do?

    Include all responsible for draft & player development in the purge
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    Cardinals looking at a big name addition?

    sign me up for Christian McCaffery
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    Cam Newton Anyone?

    No room
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    Guys who got away that you wanted for the Cards on day 2/3

    The Steelers nabbed a favorite of mine from Charlotte in Hightower
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    Round 6 wildcard

    Azur Kamara, Edge Kansas is my pick for the 6th round
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    Who are your later round draft targets?

    Saahdiq Charles OT from LSU is my 4th round or later sleeper, really good at blocking down field.
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    7th Rounders/UDFAs?

    Carl Granderson, edge or Lb's Terril Hanks or Tyrell Dodson are a few I like that are undrafted at this point
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    Welcome to the NFL draft thread April 25-April 27, 2019

    Minimized the value of the first pick in the draft... Hope we can dig out of the S-show... in 4 years
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    Get ready for meltdown

    Bosa is just such a clear best in class pick
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    Final Call. Make your #1 pick prediction

    #2 Hockenson & Burns
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    Who I’m Guessing They Will Take

    Sweeney in the 6th is a good pick
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    I wonder why there has been mostly crickets for top 1 trade?

    Why would any other team want to get in the way of Kiem screwing up the first pick in the draft?
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    Bethea and Glennon cut.

    3 & 13 with'em...