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    Cardinals sign Marcell Ateman

    Last time we had a Marcel on our team...
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    Film study

    This story is blowing up big time. Terrible unforced error by the Cards... makes us look bad. Unfortunate it's even a discussion point.
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    Rodney Hudson - returns after holding out?

    I thought he was a goner. Good news for AZ.
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    Rodney Hudson - returns after holding out?

    Wow. If he retires... DISASTER for this team.
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    The Trade

    Excellent analysis thank you Harry
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    Andy Isabella Is Absolutely Shredded

    Isabella SZN!
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    RB Conner re-signs with Cards

    I'm happy with this. He produced last year... earned the bigger contract. He's a beast and glad he'll continue to wear red!
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    Kingsbury and Keim get contract extensions

    Time to question how committed M Bidwill is to winning.
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    Least Liked Cardinals/former Cardinals player

    Yeah - hard to disagree with this.
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    A Failed Experiment?

    Harry was right.
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    Can we finally challenge this experiment?

    Yes. It’s time to challenge this experiment.
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    Pathetic, Worthless, and Weak

    Hard to feel positive after having a chance to win the NFCW at home... against a team we should beat headed into the playoffs. Kinda shameful, honestly.
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    JJ Watt update?

    I'm guessing we wouldn't see him unless we have an end of Jan game...

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