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    I am not saying Colt is great (he is not) but..

    Trade Kyler! :thewave:
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    A loss tomorrow and I watch not one second of this Hard Knocks.

    It might be a train wreck in slow motion, but I'll be watching!
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    Marcus Golden

    He looks terrible. When they finally called his name, I thought "Oh, he's playing?"
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    Isaiah Simmons is fast

    Put Simmons in at RB!
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    Cardinals get Robbie Anderson

    major overpay... even for late round picks. Booo.
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    CoachBro: CoachGo…PLEASE!

    Coach bro... gotta GO! This team is garbage! So are his playcalls! He's ruined K1!!
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    The return of Steve Wilks

    Matt Rhule fired... Steve Wilks is the new (interim) head coach. Maybe he'll turn things around. Or not..
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    Reversal of Fortune

    Can anyone find photos of the sideline view that show just how close it was to being a touchback? I haven't been able to find any...
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    We are stuck with Keim, Kliff and Kyler for a long time...

    At least in 2018 with Steve Wilks - we could get out of the mess. There is no getting out of this mess. Shame on M. Bidwill! Shame! Unbelievable.
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    We are stuck with Keim, Kliff and Kyler for a long time...

    All have new multi year contracts (as everyone is well aware) - so no one is going anywhere. Due to this leadership structure I fear we might be looking at a middling team for awhile: not good enough to compete with the upper echelon, but not bad enough to successfully rebuild via the draft...
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    Cardinals sign Marcell Ateman

    Last time we had a Marcel on our team...
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    Film study

    This story is blowing up big time. Terrible unforced error by the Cards... makes us look bad. Unfortunate it's even a discussion point.
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    Rodney Hudson - returns after holding out?

    I thought he was a goner. Good news for AZ.
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    Rodney Hudson - returns after holding out?

    Wow. If he retires... DISASTER for this team.