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    Patrick Peterson Today

    He's dead to me
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    Pregame thread: Week 2 Minnesota @ Arizona 9-19-21

    We may have them toasted by halftime! I see sack city happening again
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    Glendale Ending Coyotes lease after 21-22 season

    Worst case the Coliseum?
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    2021-22 Around the NBA Thread

    Harden is busy buying rappers extravagant watches and partying...we've seen the last of MVP James
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    2021-22 Around the NBA Thread

    Another Kevin Durant super team Ugh I miss the old days where you battled for a championship not all this chasing rings. I hope the Nets are epic losers
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    Doug Franz is leaving 98.7 Sports

    I never cared for Doug just seemed to really over analyze everything and he wasnt really in tune with the history of our teams. I miss Gambo and Ash also They were good together
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    Cards cuts

    Streveler is putrid Wasnt even prepared That's on Kliff Atleast we have a decent backup this year
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    Malcom Butler

    Season hasn't even started and here comes the doom and gloom. Unbelievable
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    What is your Favorite Cardinal Moment of all time

    Mine was the 4th preseason game of 1991 vs the very first football game in person. From parking in a dirt ditch by the stadium and watching a team I just fell in love with the previous season was awesome! Was the summer Rosenbach went down with a blown knee and Tupa was named...
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    2021 NBA Free Agency and Trades

    Oubre is a good player when it comes to hustle and loyalty. What makes him suck to me is his D and what he thinks hes worth. Bridges is just so much better...but if he commands big money and that's why we lose him...he will proceed to suck lol
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    2021 NBA Free Agency and Trades

    Oubre freaking sucks. I dont think hes anywhere near Bridges.
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    Suns free agency recap and going forward

    Hes the best 3rd stringer you're gonna get. God forbid our 2 CPs go down...youd want an NBA caliber back up....that's what EP is. I think you just havent let go of the hair
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    Suns free agency recap and going forward

    Totally happy with Tank coming back. I still feel he shoulda been used more in the finals . He coulda altered some very easy buckets the deers were getting. Considering we lost 3 of the 4 in the final minute every possession counts
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    Suns free agency recap and going forward

    I post in Yotes..d backs and cards. He is the same there. He picks a few players to bash but always comes back to the coach or gm and owner. I cant figure it out. Like a total bombardment on Az sports.
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    2021 NBA Free Agency and Trades

    God I cant stand him Beating his 'squad' was one of the best

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