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    Bring him in it can’t hurt list.

    Is this real?
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    Would you trade for C.J. Henderson?

    I would give a second. It would be buying low on our most glaring need. Well worth the gamble
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    2021 Training Camp Thread

    “Well everyone has bad takes”
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    DeAndre Hopkins would re-do Contact to trade for Julio Jones

    Keim because he’s dumb!
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    2021 7th round pick A is James Wiggins S

    this is true. Hard to think of another position where we have gotten better value with multiple picks thank the Safety/Slot position... Is there another?
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    Post Draft Free Agent Options

    Kerryon Johnson to be available
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    Cards can sign vet free agents now and not lose Comp Picks

    luckily he’s not elusive enough to make it to backwards
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    "Keim Against the Grain" Devonta Smith/Javonte Williams or Najee Harris/Rondale Moore

    DeVonta Smith/ insert name is easy answer for me. I wouldn’t go RB in round two though. I would take top CB like Melinfonwu/K Joseph/Adebo or OL like Dickerson/Radunz/Meinerz. plenty or rotational RB’s to be had day 3 like K Herbert/C Evans/J Hawkins.
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    Who Do You Love

    My Guys: Horn, Waddle, D Smith, J Phillips Dickerson, A Samuel, R Moore, Z Collins M Carter, C McGrone, I Smith Marsette, K Herbert, P Turner, A Watkins, Ellerson Smith, J Darden
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    How far is a reach?

    Any player I didn’t want them to take that turns out to be a bust... I will say that was a reach years from now lol
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    Path to the draft....trades, rumors, etc

    I was a big Ruggs fan last year and I also haven’t changed my opinion. They both have elite on field speed. I agree that Waddle has the edge in change of direction, but Ruggs caught the ball very well with his hands and made plenty of contested catches, so I wouldn’t give Waddle any advantage...
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    Sorry if this is Elsewhere

    Collins reminds me of Leighton Vanderbilt Esch. He is surprisingly one of the best LBs in coverage and has great instincts. He is a rare prospect that makes plays rushing QB, dropping in coverage and making TFL’s in run game. He really seems to understand the game. Really fits the Patriots mold...
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    Over-hyped guys you don’t like

    Micah Parsons- he was an edge rusher in HS. Very limited snaps at LB show in recognition and in coverage. Questions about how much he loves football. Then add to the fact that we already drafted two inexperienced LBs in the first round recently.... I’m out Kwitty Paye- He is an athletic freak...
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    Draft Prop Bets

    These are fun! i actually think Slater will go top ten, especially if Sewell goes 4 or 5. Detroit, Carolina and Dallas. I agree that Friermuth should not go round one! I would be pretty shocked if 5 WR don’t go in the first. Pitts and the CB prop are toss ups for me