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    Regarding Vance Joseph

    A year ago everyone wanted him fired even more so than Kliff Highly doubt he gets an opportunity like that this year
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    JJ Watt possibly out for the season

    Son of a…:madarms:
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    Davante Adams on Reserve/Covid list !!!

    Feel the same. They’ll probably have Adams and Jaire back in the playoffs will feel completely different if we play them
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    Davante Adams on Reserve/Covid list !!!

    Nice to see a break to help us after the hits we took before the Browns game Edit: Merge or delete
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    MadJack’s Banner Messages - Texans Game!

    “Maybe we’re Just Better” I agree is good
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    OT: MNF, Titans vs Bills

    Bills coach is a moron. Kick the FG you have a top 5 defense and their entire secondary is hurt and you call that fail of a play.
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    Cards trading for Zach Ertz

    Ertz is an all-pro 3 time pro-bowler and 30 years old. The talent has been seen and age is good. I’m down to see if he’s hungry for another Super Bowl
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    Cards trading for Zach Ertz

    Giant upgrade in receiving he set the TE record a few years ago and downgrade in run blocking but still good.
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    Cards trading for Zach Ertz

    All pro looking to show he’s still got it after injuries for a 5th I’m in
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    OT: Russell Wilson may be out a month

    Another report says 6-8 weeks guess we’ll see. Wish we could’ve got a free Geno win Glad to see Seahawks fans on their boards in full meltdown on their front office, coaches, and players
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    Cardinals at Jaguars gameday thread 9-26-2021

    You mean Trevor? No else to blame on Jags but him
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    Preseason week 2 kc football team vs Cardinals pregame thread. Aug 16 - Aug 20 2021

    Will watch until our starters are out hate this fake football with vanilla play calls.
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    Chris Paul enters COVID Protocol

    Damn. Really needed that game 7
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    Chris Paul enters COVID Protocol