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    New look and software for ASFN coming soon!

    OK, yeah, I see. Right now most of the styles are not flagged as user selectable. I know how to fix it, but I just need to check with Shaggy/Iceman that this was not intentional.
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    New look and software for ASFN coming soon!

    We can always change styles. We have about 20 of them.
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    If possible, should we Trade out R1 pick for a mid 2nd and mid 3rd

    Nobody is going to trade up for a #29 pick. Won't happen.
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    I bought a guitar

    Then why did I give it to you? It's a $700 guitar. I could have either sold it or given it to someone who would use it. :bang:
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    I bought a guitar

    Well you've been at this a year now. You are progressing really slowly. By now you should now all the basic chords, bar chords, the pentatonic scale and the modes. What's the hangup? Do you need lessons?
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    Diamondbacks fans can adopt dogs at Chase Field

    Disagree. This is stupid. Owning a dog is a serious financial and time commitment. Not something to be done on a whim at a baseball game.
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    DCEU: Wonder Woman

    I have no interest in seeing this. If your name is not "Lynda Carter" you have no business being "Wonder Woman"
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    Miller once again does it again!

    I find it really hard to root for college hoops with so many one and dones. Used to love AZ hoops, but now I don't give a rat's ass.
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    OT: Could this happen to a better guy???

    I'm ashamed that I know what that phrase means.:bang:
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    Dbacks want out of Chase Field?

    The stadium is only 18 years old. Most sports team don't bitch about a new stadium until it is like over 30 years old.
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    What movies have you walked out of?

    There was a movie in the early 80's called "Liquid Sky". To this day I am not really sure what it was about. I just Wiki'd it and it appears to have great reviews. I had to leave - I did not enjoy it at all.
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    Ravens CB - Tray Walker dies from dirt bike accident

    I've done plenty of stupid things. But not to the extent that it would potentially harm my physical life or the lives of others.
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    Ravens CB - Tray Walker dies from dirt bike accident

    I'm sorry, and you can call me a jackass, but this seems a little bit more worthy of a Darwin award than sympathy. No helmet, no headlights, driving after dark? That is just stupid.
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    I bought a guitar

    That's from the acoustic. The electric has 9 guage strings. Nothing to hurt the fingers That doesn't make sense. It does not matter how hard you push, it's just that the string lands on the fret.
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    Could Cardinals return to St Louis

    This, I think, is the absolute dumbest thread I've ever seen on ASFN.

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