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    These need to happen soon…

    Only thing I would change is the striping. On the white pants with red jerseys just do 2 red stripes and on the black make them black stripes. Then the red pants just 2 white stripes. These look like the uniforms they wore back here in St. Louis and when they first got to Arizona. They are...
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    15 thoughts - Cowboys game

    Looks to me like he had safety, Buddah Baker, help on the inside with no one on the outside. Maybe that is the way the play is drawn up. Don't know for sure but that is what I see.
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    K1 in the Players Tribune

    Very Good and 100% Correct.
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    Baldys Breakdown of Offense vs Ravens I like watching his breakdowns of game film and how he explains things. Just like he said fix the O-Line and mix in the running game and it could be something special.
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    Ticket Sites

    I use Vivid Seats
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    Jadeveon Clowney

    They are still paying Evan Boehm? I had forgotten all about him.
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    Lots of Stuff about Kingsbury's Offense

    I thought the same thing. Everytime I see no10 in the OTA videos I keep wondering who it is then I remember its Chad Williams, forgot he was even on the team.
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    Next year’s cap space

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    Keim/Bidwill smarter than the rest of the league or complete morons?

    I hope they are smarter but time will tell. I personally wanted to keep Rosen and draft Q Williams. I will give Bidwill and Keim props for having a vision/plan and putting all their chips in the middle. Time will tell. As far as whether or not KK will succeed, I don't know. I do know that...
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    SI article on Josh Rosen and him being traded

    Pure class and I wish him well. Woke my wife up last year when I saw we drafted him as he was the one I wanted. I will now root for Kyler to succeed and take us to the top of the mountain.
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    Is Lock going to fall to the Fins and hose us?

    nope just went to the Broncos
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    The Selection of Kyler Murray Highlights the Dysfunction Within the Front Office

    If this is true then Keim should have his house on the market now.
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    The Selection of Kyler Murray Highlights the Dysfunction Within the Front Office

    I agree on not giving him away at 60 cents on the dollar, but I don't think there is any way that this situation can have both on the team all year. I just think that they could have gotten a decent deal if they would have started talking to teams about Rosen a lot sooner. Hope I'm wrong if...
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    The Selection of Kyler Murray Highlights the Dysfunction Within the Front Office

    I believe they knew they were taking Murray long ago. They should have been pimping out Rosen from then. Now we get a 2nd if we are lucky but looks like a 3rd. I do not have any faith in Keim getting a good deal for Rosen now. I hope Murray works out and we are all happy for the next 10 years...
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    Ranking All 42 of Keim's draft picks

    I know I drink during most of his drafts.

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