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    I love me some Rondale Moore thread

    I'll admit that at the time of the Draft, I had not heard of Rondale Moore. Or Elijah Moore for that matter. But I remember that there were a few posters who liked each of them. I know Rondale went in Round Two, and that the other Moore went to the Jets, but don't know in which round he was...
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    WK 3-Arizona Cardinals @ Jacksonville Jaguars Pre Game Thread 9/20/21-9/25/21

    We just have to hope that the Rams don't pull off a trade with the Vikings for DC. Didn't they get Ramsey mid-season? And LA does need a RB.
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    Game balls vikes game

    We'll soon have Gardeck back. And IF we still had Sheffield, our ST's would really be special. JMO.
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    I love me some Rondale Moore thread

    Rondale Moore is what I'd hope he'd be. But, I must say that Christian Kirk is playing MUCH BETTER than I thought he would. In two games he's shown the ability to make tough catches. JMO.
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    Thoughts on game / team

    Please, please, please, not more designed runs for Kyler. Good in the short term, season ending in the long term.
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    JJ Watt

    I feel that when we get Dennis Gardeck back, our defense/pass rush will look much better.
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    Vikings at Cardinals gameday thread 9-19-2021

    Need to be able to stop the run. And hope Wilson is okay. Game is up for grabs (Thank You Capt. Obvious).
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    Early games 9/19/21

    Reddick, once again 1.5 sacks, three for the year. Wish he had stayed.
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    Cardinals Minus 3.5

    Why? Is it because that Zimmer is a better coach than Vrabel?
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    Is there Any Way the Cards could Lose to the Vikings

    Wasn't it former NFL Commissioner, Bert Bell, whp coined the phrase, "On any given Sunday".
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    Heroes from your Youth

    Stan was my first and Larry will probably be my last.
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    Heroes from your Youth

    My first sports hero was a great player and person, Stan "The Man" Musial.
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    The Annual "Potential Players Available for Trade" Thread

    People looking for a TE and a CB. I can why we'd want a CB, because it seems that we're very thin after the top three. But I can't see the need for a TE as our receiving core is very talented. In fantasy fb you need a TE but not in the NFL. JMO.
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    Pregame thread: Week 2 Minnesota @ Arizona 9-19-21

    I'm of the opinion that the team is playing hard in order to impress JJ Watt. They see him as a HOF player and want to impress him. At least that's the way I see it.
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    Pregame thread: Week 2 Minnesota @ Arizona 9-19-21

    Adding a kicker to the PS sounds like Covid insurance to me.