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    The new and improved Kliff Kingsbury

    i have taken the view that last year's offensives struggles werent all KK. that being said: I think the offense is going to see a ton of shell zone coverage designed to keep eyes on K1 and force him to be patient and make good decisions from the pocket. Lets see how Kliff adjusts
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    Chandler Jones Extension Market

    that felt like rope a dope by the Rams. whenever the Bears closed to one score, the Rams yawned, got out of their chair and quickly scored another TD
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    Pregame thread: Week 2 Minnesota @ Arizona 9-19-21

    oh man take a look at Titans ILB on the Cards right (he ultimately made the tackle) as the play progresses. If Josh Jones just looks right and cuts him off -- Rondale houses it
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    What I ordered. What I got

    that part on the right ---- I sure hope that is his arm
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    Early player prediction

    quick look says Collins was on the field in run down situations and came off for nickel Tenn basically abandoned the run with 20 mins left in the game
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    Will Cards beat the Vikings?

    last year at this time, the narrative was that the Cards were better than anticipated, were favored in their home opener and the question was if they could handle success. They did as you noted it was after 2-0 that the local media started counting wins and anticipating 5-0 heading into...
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    Pregame thread: Week 2 Minnesota @ Arizona 9-19-21

    Minnesota has some serious o-line issues their first round LT Christian Darrisaw is hurt and is not close to coming back (may miss the season) Wyatt Davis (3rd rounder) isnt ready to play center Garrett Bradbury (2019 1st rounder) is looking like a giant miss guards are journeymen RT Brian O...
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    PFF Game Grades

    that would be a source of competitive advantage no team would willingly give up.
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    PFF Game Grades

    i will plead guilty to using/ posting PFF grades many, many times its a handy source for objective analysis: "objective" defined as a source that doesn't care about the Cardinals or any other NFL team. At their worst, PFF grades are subjective evaluations dressed up as objective...
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    Pregame thread: Week 2 Minnesota @ Arizona 9-19-21

    above the waist, at LOS, not a penalty "Blocks an opponent (from behind) in the back above the opponent’s waist, or uses his hands or arms to push an opponent from behind in a manner that affects his movement, except in close-line play."
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    Quick Thoughts - Tennessee

    in his 98.7 appearance, KK noted that he thought they had an agreement on how things would work with the referees that when the game started wasnt the case
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    Cardinals at Titans postgame thread

    thats a big ask for a QB throw: drift left, across his body into the middle of the field on his right yes, it might have been a TD there but any QB that makes a habit out of that will throw lots of INTs
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    Questions and Week 1 Answers

    ill add this and its my speculation: Kyle spent loads of time inside Cards HW talking to people. This isnt his speculation on his part
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    PFF Game Grades

    if that is what Simmons looks like at 63, then Simmons at 80 is going to wreck things
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    Questions and Week 1 Answers

    seems like a decent place to put this (and BTW: Kyle no longer works for the Cardinals, and is a good twitter follow):