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    49ers QB odds of success

    I would say about 20% given that only about 12 of the last 60 first round QBs have turned out to be proven franchise qb caliber and that is being generous by counting those without 10 years. Sure, they are drafting early, but early has not translated to success.
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    49ers QB odds of success

    Looking forward to seeing what Fields does in NFL. Big arm, accurate, will stand in pocket under pressure, 6'3" 225lb but wheels to scramble. Just hoping he doesn't land in the NFC West if his talent translates to the NFL.
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    WTH Kliff

    Unless my memory sucks, only handful of college HC coaches went straight to being NFL HC and had success at the NFL level. All to my knowledge had great success in college. None have been a fire college HC that got picked up as a NFL HC as far as I can remember. The KK hire always seemed like a...
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    Time to move on from Kingsbury

    He's only coming back because of the politics/optics. Which means we will have another **** show before he is gone. He was hired for his "offensive genius" and he has been the polar opposite. His ability to draw up plays sucks, his ability to actually call them game time sucks, his ability to...
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    McVay owns us

    Keim fomo trying to find the next McVay and hired a losing B12 coach who couldn't keep his job at TT. Story of our lives.
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    Fire Kingsbury

    He wouldn't cut it as a CFL coach either, in case that is his safety net... And CFL might actually be more suited to his "scheme"
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    Fire Kingsbury

    I honestly think he is just apprehensively picking plays off the play sheet because the clock is running and he doesn't have any strategy. Our offense looking totally incoherent is because the play calling is incoherent. Sure, there are execution issues and missed opportunities in every game...
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    Keim and Kingsbury aren’t going anywhere

    Keim pushed all his chips in with the KM KK move. KM was controversial as it is for our #1, but at least there was some reason to rationalize it. The KK hire was fing terrible and was nothing more than a fomo trying to hire a mcvay but picked a second rate college coach who couldn't even put...
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    Fire Kingsbury

    Don't worry, we have a coach who had a sub .500 record after coaching 6 years in the B12. This can't go tits up.
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    Cardinals at Patriots gameday thread 11-29-20

    When watching the game it felt like we were 2 TDs better than the Pats but then dumb **** here and there we end up losing. Same song.
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    Cardinals at Seahawks gameday thread 11-19-20

    Because he couldn't see that the contact was from a player trying to make the INT. If he wasn't making a play on the ball it would have been PI. Fitz doesn't have eyes in the back of his head.
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    Cardinals at Seahawks gameday thread 11-19-20

    What does KK seem like he has a brain fart when it gets in critical situational play calling?
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    Cardinals.....Bills.......GAME DAY THREAD!!!

    This game is cursing worthy, off to reddit to vent.
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    Seahawks at Cardinals gameday thread 10-25-20

    Cardiac cards took me a on rollercoaster tonight.
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    Seahawks at Cardinals gameday thread 10-25-20

    Why run on 2nd and 1?