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    Cards Need to Bring in a Day Care Expert

    Heck, I would take less than 600k, lol. My wife tells me all the time, I am such a dad to every child. Why not Mr. Bidwill, I am qualified.
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    OT: Watson Will Not Face Criminal Charges

    First and foremost, my heart goes out to the women that were violated. There may been some therapists that don't mind doing extra during massage and there is judgment here. For the women that felt violated, I wish they would get their justice. But, most of us know they won't. Taking a...
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    Cards 2022 Training Camp July 26th

    Is Kyler's wrist pain from playing video games too much? :rolleyes:
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    Rodney Hudson - returns after holding out?

    I saw somewhere that Hudson may have been thinking about retiring for months and the front office was aware. If that's true, it really sucks that they were not proactive having a plan B.
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    We need a vet CB now, or just forfeit the season

    If we can develop some type of pass rush, it will mash some of the lack of talent on the backend. Wilson was playing pretty decent early in the season. Once JJ went down and few other injuries, he was exposed.
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    Cards sign Darrel Williams

    Man, this board is really becoming a bunch of butt-hurt, negative people. I understand not everyone is going to have the same take. Just feel no matter who signs or not sign, it will never be enough. Not sure if you guys know, there is an option where you can scroll past a post and move on...
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    Colin Kaepernick

    Good for him.
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    Steve Wilks lawsuit against NFL

    I think if you looked at the last 2 GMs, Graves and Keim, it's not a race thing. I believe it's more of a Bidwill thing. For some reason the Cards like to hold on the GM and promote within, even to a fault.
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    Cards signing Gladney

    I heard something about PP drawing interest with the Eagles. Or maybe it was Reddick reaching out to him to come.
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    New league year 2022-23

    Good. Won't miss them Thursday night and Sunday, and I rarely watch MNF.
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    OT: Calvin Ridley suspended for all of 2022

    Maybe we should bring him in? :sarcasm:
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    Arizona Cardinals give WR Andy Isabella permission to seek trade

    I hope he goes to a team that can find a way to utilize him. I was shocked when we took him in the 2nd round. Figured he would be a 4th rounder. Either way, we were not able to develop him and I wish the best for him.
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    I want a...

    I want Keim to draft another inside linebacker. Hoping my reverse psychology works and we get a real impact player that will actually play.
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    Cardinals Will Play In Mexico City For 2022 Game

    That might be a fun game to go to.
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    Draft prospect meetings

    Maybe they are thinking about converting him to the D line :bday:

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