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    Patrick Peterson Today

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    Vikings @ Cardinals postgame thread

    A win it a win! 2-0 and that is all that matters! Also, the Titans are about to tie the game in Seattle right now.
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    Rodney Hudson Quickly Becomes Anchor Of Offense

    What a difference a great Center makes! This really makes me excited for the rest of the season!
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    The new and improved Kliff Kingsbury

    Maybe he finally has the right players in the right positions, so he can actually have a team game plan.
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    What I ordered. What I got

    I'm reporting this post! I'm on a call with my CEO and making the dumbest smirk trying to not die laughing! Not cool!!
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    MadJack's Banner Suggestions - Vikings Game!

    Our Kirk can take a jab and keep going!
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    Monday night game Ravens/Raiders

    What a play call!
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    The CJ 'Pay the Man' Poll

    Legit 3 year extension, but put in a 4th that is really there just to spread out the bonus.
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    Cardinals at Titans postgame thread

    They said rib injury and is listed as questionable. Shouldn't be a long term one.
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    Other games 09/12/21

    Kamara is the best player in the NFL. 4th and goal and he makes an amazing block to give Winston enough time to throw a TD.
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    OT: Cedric Ceballos in ICU with Covid

    Portland's largest hospital. Definitely a fair question, especially with his underlying issues.
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    OT: Cam Newton Released

    Given his situation and the current NFL rules, it may be difficult for him to get another chance this year barring a major injury. If he rectifies his situation, I would see him get a chance in Indy when Wentz lands on IR.