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    The Hype Train Choo Choo

    I thought Talib was awful. He sounded like a guy who didn't really study much in school, and was hit in the head alot.
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    Chandler Jones Extension Market

    He's gonna end up with 15+ sacks
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    JJ Watt

    I'd rather have him than not. Defense overall today played poorly
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    Situational Football

    When I was watching it I thought...Is he slowing up to force the defense to hit him as he goes out of bounds and draw a 15 yarder?? "Pulling a Chris Paul" and baiting them into a foul?? That is a very dangerous game to play for a small QB. The 2nd one is just a bull crap play on a bull crap...
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    Vikings @ Cardinals postgame thread

    A win is a win. BUT... That 1st half run defense was atrocious. Nothing good to say about it. I also REALLY didn't like seeing guys hot doggin the couple times they took Cook down in the backfield, when he was averaging 9 YPC in the first half and making them look dumb. But the biggest throw...
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    The Annual "Potential Players Available for Trade" Thread

    Anther reason I think I would is because this sounds exactly like a move Seattle will make at the deadline. They will trade a 1st for him and we will kick ourselves.
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    Will Cards beat the Vikings?

    I think we win, but it won't be a blowout. I think get the ball back, up 4, with about 6 min left in the game. My dreams finally come true and we manage the game well and end up taking a knee...never giving the Vikes a chance at a game winning drive.
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    Mega Watt Package

    Fotu should be our short yardage and 4th and 1 type back. I dont see anyway he doesnt fall forward for at least a yard.
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    The Annual "Potential Players Available for Trade" Thread

    I think so. It would be nice to get something like a 3rd back as well. If he could be had for a 2nd and 3rd I would do it all day long. 1st round picks are tough to give up because of that possible 5th relatively inexpensive year.
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    Cardinals at Titans gameday thread 9-12-2021

    This D is playing great. The run D and the pass rush are the best we've seen in years
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    Cardinals at Titans gameday thread 9-12-2021

    What's the single game record for sacks,?
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    Cardinals at Titans gameday thread 9-12-2021

    if the cardinals lead the league in penalties week 1, I would fire Kliff
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    Cardinals at Titans gameday thread 9-12-2021

    This is a real test for the Cardinals. If they can hang with the Titans, even in a close loss...I think it speaks well. If we get manhandled and can't score points, I think we have a really tough road ahead. Prediction: Titans 31- Cards 27
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    The Annual "Potential Players Available for Trade" Thread

    I would trade Kirk for any of those TEs straight up. He is not getting another contract here.
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    OT: Ravens

    If Leveon Bell is not completely washed up, this is the year to show it. Since I was able to pick him up off waivers today...I'm saying he has one more good season in him and runs for 1200 yards and 14TDs