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    Snap Counts and Thoughts - @CHI

    Cardinals purposely avoiding 'sink or swim' philosophy with rookie LB Zaven Collins
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    Oklahoma Targeting Kliff Kingsbury for HC Vacancy

    After a lack of success in the college game as a head coach, the Cardinals to the shock of everyone picked Kliff to be their head coach. After two uneven seasons that had him on the hot seat to start the year, he's come into his own and discovered that his talents seem to fit much better in the...
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    Kyler is feeling better and hoping to play....

    There seem to be a lot of people out there trying to figure out what this means.
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    15 thoughts - Seahawks game

    The home and away difference of this team is very strange. Their best games have been on the road and their worst games, including the 2 and almost 3rd loss, have been at home. I'm getting to the point where I'm much more confident with them on the road than I am when they're at home.
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    2015 vs 2021

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    Robert Sarver is in Big Trouble

    Context of the video is probably important considering it was a roast but it is still not a good look considering.
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    Kyle Brandt has come a long way since the Real World.
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    Cardinals @ 49ers postgame thread

    And considering he said he didn't know who the best team in the AFC is, he was pretty much saying they are the best in the NFL.
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    Updated Schedule Predictions as of Oct 19th

    ESPN's FPI has them at 50.1% so while technically a favorite, it is more of a pickem. 538 has Dallas as the favorite for that game though, but is the only one it has the Cards as the underdog.
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    Home field advantage.

    The Cards have been better on the road then at home this year so maybe all the Packer fans will be an advantage.
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    Updated Schedule Predictions as of Oct 19th

    According to ESPN's power index, the Cards are favored in all the remaining games this year.
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    WK 7-Houston Texans @ Arizona Cardinals Pre Game Thread Oct 18-Oct 24, 2021

    The line against the Texans has jumped up to 18.5 in some places. The Bills were a big favorite against them a few weeks ago and the score ended up being 40-0.
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    OT: MNF, Titans vs Bills

    All the power rankings that had Buffalo ranked above the Cards are going to have to make a slight change now.
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    Cardinals @ Browns postgame thread

    LOL. Last time was 2018 against the Chiefs. It's still looks like a rare number.

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