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  1. Passepartout
    Ready for October Autumn!
  2. Timm Rosenbach
  3. Passepartout
    Ready for October Skies!
  4. Sultan
    I am the Sultan. Respect the status.
  5. BC867
    BC867 1Sun
    I recently sent a letter to every Suns investor except Sarver (30%), urging them to name a new Managing General Partner. I was told by an poster with inside information that they are all Sarver's "boys".

    Anyway, I agree with your posts. Keep up the good work! The Suns need fans who do not condone the weak leadership that made our team the laughingstock of the NBA. Or their inexperienced General Manager.

  6. cardjunkie
  7. Passepartout
    Love Will Prevail
  8. Passepartout
    Ready for September!
  9. Shane
    Shane Red Bird
    All is good thanks
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  10. Shane
    Shane Red Bird
    they are available just send 92.00 to [email protected] via the friends and family option so I don’t get charged and list a mailing address... I’ll get them out tomorrow
    1. Red Bird
      Red Bird
      Sent, please let me know if we're good. Thanks!
      Sep 4, 2018
  11. Yuma
    Yuma Brian in Mesa
    The Mercury great is now 13-0 in winner-take-all games. I guess I shouldn't have panicked. :-)
  12. Yuma
    Yuma Brian in Mesa
    Thank god the Mercury play on!
  13. Yuma
    Yuma Brian in Mesa
    I came online because the halftime score against the Sun has me panicking! 40-44! Don't let it end here!!!!
  14. Passepartout
  15. Passepartout
    Back to School!