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  1. Say10
    Say10 NJCardFan
    Corrections Sergeant=Didn’t pass the police officer test.
  2. Passepartout
    Ready for Christmas and 2021!
  3. WildBB
    Dethrone LA LA's
  4. Passepartout
    November and Thanksgiving!
  5. Shane
    Shane Germz249
    What’s up? Questions related to retirement? Although everyone’s version of retirement is different
  6. Passepartout
    Ready for Halloween 2020!
  7. Jetstream Green
    Jetstream Green SissyBoyFloyd
    Are you really of the Pawnee nation. My intellectual hobby has been Plains Indians since a young boy and the Pawnee have been the most misrepresented tribe of all time, with the Sioux and Comanche being the imperialistic aggressors
    1. SissyBoyFloyd
      Yes, of course. Direct descendant of one of the Pawnee chiefs.
      Oct 26, 2020
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  8. GatorAZ
  9. Passepartout
    Halloween is Coming!
  10. PACardsFan
    I’m just praying that Simmons gets on the field soon. We are not winning a SB any time soon. Put him out there & let him learn on the job.
  11. Timm Rosenbach
    Timm Rosenbach PACardsFan
    You said it best my friend. Too many whiners on this board who are complaining about the offense, Kliff, Kyler and EVEN FITZGERALD. I think a lot of people on this board have lost their mind because of COVID. FYI you were right that we should have taken an offensive linemen instead of Simmons
  12. Passepartout
    October Opening!
  13. Passepartout
    Ready for Autumn Winds!
  14. MoeIsBetter
    MoeIsBetter Shaggy
    Hey Shaggy my name is Moe. I created my account a long time ago and since then I've established a new internet name. Is there a way to change my username to Moestradamis?
  15. Passepartout
    September Winds