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  1. LoyaltyisaCurse
    Everything is true because nothing is true.
  2. Passepartout
    2020 Memorial Day
  3. Passepartout
    Stay Home Stay Safe
  4. PACardsFan
    You too my friend! I'm so pumped for Cardinal football & hoping we have a season!! We had to take Simmons, but Wills is an f'ing monster.
  5. Timm Rosenbach
    Timm Rosenbach PACardsFan
    Hope you are doing well Godfather
  6. Passepartout
    Stay Safe Stay Home
  7. Absolute Zero
  8. Cardsfaninlouky
    Cardsfaninlouky Jetstream Green
    Thanks man, I just call em like I see em with the cards. Some of these posters, omg, the crap they say just blows me away. Then the spelling lol. You can tell the ones that are autocorrect & the ones that aren't. Loved Sammy when he was solo. Saw him at "Roberts Stadium" in Evansville, IN in 1984, hell of a show. He was the first performer I ever witnessed wearing the Mic connected to a head device.
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  9. Cardsfaninlouky
    Cardsfaninlouky Jetstream Green
    Love Van Halen bro. Saw them in concert many times, with Sammy even. I'm new to this following thing. Do I follow you now also lol?
    1. Jetstream Green
      Jetstream Green
      I do Fine Art and Dave actually has one of my paintings. I saw them once with Sammy too, but actually like Hagar's solo work more than his Van Halen tenure. Van Hagar was a great group but not legendary as when Dave fronts them. I have no idea if you are automatically following me now or not, guess you have to click follow... appreciate your level headed approach to the Cards!
      Apr 1, 2020
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  10. Passepartout
    In It Together
  11. BC867
    BC867 Mainstreet
    I like your Route 66 ID. Are you in Arizona or California? I've driven on both.

    Last year, returning from Las Vegas to Phoenix, I took a side trip to drive through the northern spur of Hilltop, Hackberry, Valentine, Crozier, Truxton, Peach Springs, Yampai, Seligman and Ash Fork. Then the southern spur to revisit Williams for the first time since I had been there to board the Grand Canyon RR.
    1. Mainstreet
      Thanks BC.

      I live in the cool country of Northern Arizona.
      Mar 30, 2020
  12. Passepartout
  13. Skipper1111
    Cards fan for life!
  14. Passepartout
    March Madness
  15. Passepartout
    Warmer Weather