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  1. Passepartout
    Christmas is Here
  2. legend
    Shoulda bought the Cheap Seats
  3. Timm Rosenbach
    Timm Rosenbach
    Feel Bad For Tate
  4. Timm Rosenbach
    Timm Rosenbach
    Disgusted at Sumlin
  5. Timm Rosenbach
    Timm Rosenbach AZCB34
    You are a 51 year old posting on a board with a quote from James Dean. Putting you on ignore. Get a life
  6. Passepartout
    Thanksgiving Gobble!
  7. Passepartout
    Remember to November
  8. Timm Rosenbach
    Timm Rosenbach Luciano
    That dipshit Cheesebeef doesn’t even find Erin Andrews Hot
    1. Luciano
      She is pretty hot, even my wife thinks she is hot !
      Oct 31, 2019
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  9. PACardsFan
    It’s still a classic in my book
  10. Timm Rosenbach
    Timm Rosenbach PACardsFan
    Goodfellas was underrated.
  11. Yuma
    Whoo Hoo!
  12. Passepartout
    Ready for Autumn Winds!
  13. PACardsFan
    Just brutal listening to some on this board. I’m guessing that constant losing will do that to you. Go Cards!!
  14. Timm Rosenbach
    Timm Rosenbach PACardsFan
    Snowflakes GodFather.
  15. 1988fan
    If it wasn't enough that the Cardinals made Kyle Allen look great. We also made 88 year old Greg Olsen look like Usain Bolt. I blame # 21.