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Knights End of Season Awards

Thought this was cool:

Originally Posted by oklandr8rs2000
This is not using any program or greasemonkey scripts... I just went through and chose these how I see fit

I used stats, win loss, performance big games, head to head when two players are neck and neck, and consistency to choose the winners, usually in that order.

Best Coaching Staff (did the most with least)
Eastern European Alliance-Winner
Dirty South Swamp Souljaz
El Paso Miners

Best Owner (did the most to change the teams outlook from last season)
Otega (EEA)
Wallace Dungwater (CHA)-Winner
tdr587 (GDK)


Offensive Player of the Year (best offensive player)
Soup A-Loop (EL)
Leon Leon (CHA)
Cash Money Pearce (EL)-Winner ridiculous numbers and played big in big games

Defensive Player of the Year (best defensive player)
Adam Ross (EEA)-Winner
Ante OT (EL)
Mike Fiala (NEW)

Special Teams Player of the Year (best special teams player)
Bull-In ChinaCabinet (GOT)
Tyshon Howard (CHA)
Jason Shapiro (GOT)-Winner


Best Quarterback
Leon Leon CHA)
Soup A-Loop (EL)-Winner

Best Runningback
Charles Jett (CHA)
dont panic (EEA)-Winner
Colton Kidd (GOT)

Best Receiver
Kerry Wes (CHA)
Cash Money Pearce (EL)-Winner
Neito Riba (GOT)

Best Tight End
Ron Stumps (CHA)
Tribe Vantel (EEA)
Antonia Pyrce (EL)-Winner

Best Tackle
Red Jones (CHA)-Winner
Francis Griffin (EEA) - gave up a lot of sacks

Best Interior Linemen
Francisco Scaramanga (EEA)-Winner
Mark "Three" Valentine (JED)
Pancakes Yummy (EEA)


Best Defensive Linemen
Ante OT (EL)
Dan "The Man" Halen (ALA)
Gangrene Blackwood (JED)-Winner Most consistent big player

Best Linebacker
Jimmy Holiday (EEA)-Winner
Killen em Quietly (ORL)
Reverend Teardrop (ALA) alot of forced fumbles

Best Cornerback
Adam Ross (EEA)-Winner
Tone Itis (EL)
JD Hall (SUV)

Best Saftey
TATTOO SS mamutes (GDK)
Da Nutz (DSSS)-Winner
Ari Spectrum (JED)


MVP (most valuable player, maybe not the best stats, who who would the team falter with out)
Soup A-Loop (EL)
Montana Moon (DSSS)
Leon Leon (CHA)-Winner
Sergeant Rock (GOT)
Adam Ross (EEA)

How I got the MVP-
-Soup A-Loop - He was eliminated because of 4 sub 80 QB rating games, plus 2 of which his team still won so maybe he isn't the most valuable player on the team.
-Montana Moon - Like his picture (Harrell) he didn't show up during their biggest game when the team needed him the most, so he looses the MVP. Is my number 2 though, very close to first, but a 55.7 rating won't cut it. (btw, go red raiders)
-Sergeant Rock - I got three things wrong with him. a.)he went three games without scoring b.)he didn't show up to either of their losses (conference) c.)I think there are better players on his own team... that said he manages the game better than any other player
-Adam Ross - 0 picks in three losses. He didn't come to play on the big games. But he is still the best defensive player in the league by far.
-Leon Leon - Generally he is the most consistent player. He never had more giveaways then he did touchdowns. But the biggest selling point I believe is he is responsible for at least 3 touchdowns EVERY game.


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Very nice recap.
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