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Originally Posted by Chaplin View Post
Nic Wise is a quick little guy, but I have to say, those clutch personal fouls he commits make him a STAR! I've haven't been this frustrated with a player since Salim. And Lavin was saying that we were seeing the emergence of a star??
Wow - chap - I havn't read a post from you in 6 months and you come out with this? Where have you been this early Suns season???

Wise is young. Wise will make mistakes. Yet his command of the offense, shooting, and scrappy defensive pressure has been sorely needed over the last five years (see the shakur era). We don't need a PG to be dominant and score 35 by any means. We DO need someone to make good decisions and make open threes. Our stars have been our wings since Bibby left.

I am very happy with what I saw of him today. I don't buy what Lavin said when "we are seeing the emergence of a star". Rather IMO we finally have a PG that will be tough in Pac-10 play and can take us deep in the tournament by beaing steady and occasionally catching fire.

Its dependent on the continued emergence of Hill and Wise but this team could be stiff competition for UCLA and at the least a strong number two in the best conference in america. Thats nothing to sneeze at.

At least now I am excited to see how this all plays out.

I attended and LOVE the University of Arizona.

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Old December 8th, 2007, 03:42 PM   #32
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O'Neill has said he loves Nic's defense. What impressed me about him today he was not afraid to take the ball to the basket. He definitely got hacked on that last drive at the end of regulation but luckily Hill was there to put it back.
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Old December 8th, 2007, 03:43 PM   #33
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Originally Posted by MaoTosiFanClub View Post
He wasn't perfect, but we lose this game with 2006 Wise.
Very true. Nic has lost 20 pounds and got himself in game shape. Much different player, especially on defense.
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I'm thoroughly enjoying this season so far (which I couldn't say for the past few years), and even though this isn't one of those teams I watched offensively when I was in school, I love watching them play.
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