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Atleast its socially acceptable to start drinking at 10 am during the season

I don't see how you could watch these games, without something to drink. We should all invest in some Cardinal flasks, this might be the only way you could have some kind of fun watching these games. Maybe make a drinking game out of all the times the Cards do something crappy you gotta chug a beer..... atleast we won't remember much about Sunday and still have a good time

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I think I'd need hard liquor. At least a bottle of Rum or Tequila...check that..Absinth always works good for me.

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All of the Cards games I've ever seen on tv or in person: zero alcoholic drinks.

That's a diehard.
"In coach Arians' car, there is no cruise control." - Larry Fitzgerald
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i actually waited -

til after the game to down a tallboy - was about to pop the 2nd one, got called in to work - overtime, and helped take my mind off how utterly lame this team is for a couple hours.....
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