Heroes and Goats: Seahawks at Cardinals

Two ways for Arizona Cardinals fans to think about Sunday’s 36-6 loss to the Seattle Seahawks:

  • The Cards turned in a disinterested performance in a meaningless game
  • Seattle genuinely exposed Arizona.

There’s no question that the Cards were genuinely outclassed physically in this game. Particularly when the Arizona offense was on the field, the dominance of the Seahawks on all three defensive levels was concerning.

That said, the offensive playcalling and defensive matchups suggest to me that the coaching staff wasn’t particularly interested in putting their best plays on tape. Particularly, the deep passes called in the first two series suggest that the Cards were looking for the home run to make the game interesting while protecting running back David Johnson for the playoffs. Interestingly, the Cards had only 13 rushing attempts the entire game.


Larry Fitzgerald, WR

Fitzgerald seemed like the only wide receiver who showed up to Glendale on Sunday. With his first catch he established a new career reception record. Fitz is catching more than three-quarters of his targets.

Cardinals Season Ticket-holders

The Red Sea must’ve partied pretty hard on New Year’s to still be too hung over to show up to the game in force on the third. Hopefully fans who sold their tickets got a good deal to defray the cost of playoff seats.

Dwight Freeney, OLB

It’s fantastic to build on the “Fountain of Youth” narrative of the franchise. With a sack yesterday, Freeney has 8.0 sacks on the year — his most since 2011.


Justin Bethel, CB

Bethel is going to have a target on his back due to playing across from Patrick Peterson, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see James Bettcher reduce Bethel’s snaps in the postseason in favor of more safeties with Jerroud Powers on the outside.

Drew Butler, P

It’s clear that the special teams staff wasn’t doing much to scheme though the unit’s deficiencies. That said, Butler has to find a way to not let Seattle dominate in all three phases of the game.

Carson Palmer, QB

Palmer’s interception on the second drive essentially caused the entire team to fold up the tents and play the remaining three-plus quarters as a preseason game. Better to get this kind of game out of one’s system early.

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