The Arizona Cardinals owned Soldier Field yesterday in a 48-23 win.

Heroes and Goats: Cards at Bears

The measure of a good team isn’t how they fare in close games; it’s how they dominate inferior opponents. The Bears may fight their way back to .500 this season as they get healthier, but a 25-point victory on the road puts the whole league on notice. This Arizona Cardinals team is for real.


A dominant performance in any timeline.

A dominant performance in any timeline.

John Brown, WR – We’ll get to the Cards’ higher-paid wide receiver in a moment, but John Brown has become something interesting in this offense. According to Pro-Football-Reference, Brown caught all 4 of his targets for 45 yards and plus two other defensive penalties for 80 more yards.

David Johnson, RB – Let’s hope that David Johnson can stay healthy. What’s surprising isn’t how productive Johnson has been as much as how easy that he’s made it look.

Larry Fitzgerald, WR – A new vintage of Larry Fitzgerald as a secondary receiver delivered finely aged results. #11 made us proud, surpassing his TD total from last year in a single game.


We'll be watching you three closely next week.

We’ll be watching you three closely next week.

J.J. Nelson, WR – A fumble on special teams that early in the game is unacceptable. I think that Arians and staff overfed Nelson on the offense in the preseason. He needs to focus on what should be his primary responsibility.

Kevin Minter, ILB – If the opposing offense makes a seven-plus yard game, you can bet that Kevin Minter is trailing three yards behind the play and jumping on the pile at the end.

Sean Weatherspoon, ILB – Weatherspoon played very few snaps in this game because his mind or body aren’t prepared for NFL football. It’s possible that ‘Spoon just wants to make sure he stays healthy for 16 games for a playoff team and cash in next year.

James Bettcher was considered for this because the defense was still gashed by the running game (4.1 YPC) and the short passing game (Martellus Bennett and Matt Forte combined for 90 yards through the air) and the defense wasn’t able to consistently pressure or turn over a terrible quarterback in Jimmy Clausen.

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  1. Krangthebrain
    Krangthebrain says:

    I’ve got to say, I’m worried about this defense. The Bears offense isn’t good with Cutler and we made them look much better than they are. A good defense starts the blow out right away, and the Cardinals defense just isn’t good right now.

    • Ben Kamper
      Ben Kamper says:

      “Worried” is probably too strong a statement for what I’m feeling about the defense. It’s different this year than it was last year. There are players that I don’t like playing more than players that I do. It doesn’t appeal to my football aesthetic. But it’s won two games.

      I think that guys are still confused about a couple of coverages and things. I think that the pass rush is not as good as it was last year, because Rodney Gunter isn’t as good as Dan Williams. It’s more about improving to be successful on that road trip. These defensive players cannot be satisfied right now.


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