Heroes and Goats: Arizona Cardinals vs. New York Jets

What conclusions can we draw from the Monday Night Football tilt between the New York Jets and the Arizona Cardinals? There’s nothing wrong with Carson Palmer. There’s nothing wrong with Bruce Arians’ playcalling. And, really, there isn’t much wrong with the offensive line.

Cardinals fans need to understand that the offense was overheated last season. Palmer was throwing for 40 more yards per game than his career average. His interception percentage was one-third lower. His average yards per passing attempt were almost 1.5 yards higher. His passer rating was 25 points higher.

What we’re seeing under center is a regression toward the mean. This season, Palmer’s completion percentage is two points lower than his career average. I think you can expect Palmer to improve his performance this season by a little, but he’s probably not going to return to the lofty heights of 2014 and 2015.


David Johnson, RB I don’t really know what else to say about David Johnson at this point. For three quarters, he practically kept the offense running by himself. For the 67 offensive snaps he played, Johnson was the focal point for 28 of them.

Deone Bucannon, ILB While Bucannon didn’t rack up any explosive plays and only had 4 tackles, he was the point of the spear for a rush defense that allowed just 33 yards while being effective in coverage.

Josh Mauro, DT This versatile offensive lineman continues to stand out and make plays when he gets on the field. Mauro is a perfect role player for this defense, and helped set the tone early in the game.


A.Q. Shipley, OC If you re-watch this game, notice that on running plays and passing plays, Shipley is the only guy who is usually in the same place at the end of the down as he was at the beginning.

D.J. Humphries, OT The Cards had success running to the left, pulling OG Earl Watford across the formation. Humphries has terrible habits, playing too high in the run and the passing game and failing to get to the second level to make contact.

Chandler Jones, OLB Maybe it’s just an AFC East thing? Jones was almost invisible last night. To be fair, the Jets offensive line has been very good this season, with a Top 5 adjusted sack rate so far this year.

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