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Heroes and Goats: Arizona Cardinals vs. New Orleans Saints

It’s been a long time since we’ve played meaningless December games, but this is what you want, right? A fairly dynamic game where your team is always within a score until the end, then fall on your face late to protect draft position. The Arizona Cardinals failed just enough that it doesn’t hurt them in the long run. Fans are excited about the offense that could have been, David Johnson continued his torrid pace to be snubbed for Offensive Player of the Year honors and the stars did their thing. Carson Palmer played comfortably behind for three quarters.

What’s important to us as fans is do not pretend that the results on the field are real football. Everyone on the field is playing for themselves at this point, which means these big plays are going to happen. Current performance has no relation to future results.


Calais Campbell, DT It got a little awkward on The Big Red Rage last week when they started talking about the 2016 trip to London. If Campbell is done as an Arizona Cardinal (and I don’t think he is), he went out with a bang.


J.J. Nelson, WR All five of Nelson’s receptions and seven of his 11 targets were short passes. Nelson may not have the hands or size to be a consistent deep target, but he could be an effective hot read for the future.


Kerwynn Williams, RB This is the time of year when Williams gets certain armchair scouts twitterpated. Williams can find himself a more regular spot in the rotation/earn a consistent roster spot by adding value on special teams.


Chandler Catanzaro, K His salary cap number may keep him in Arizona through training camp, but something is deep inside Catanzaro’s head.


Kevin Minter, ILB If a linebacker is getting carried for a yard and the first down, it’s a good bet it’s Kevin Minter. As a thumper, he’s a failure. As a coverage player, he’s a disaster. I have little doubt that Minter will be re-signed this spring.


Brandon Williams, CB When CB Marcus Cooper went down with injury, Drew Brees wasted no time targeting the rookie Aggie. Williams didn’t show much of what he learned during his time on the deep pine, allowing catches at all levels.

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