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    Agree on all of that. Lauri is one of the most polished freshmen I've ever seen. Plays within himself. Very high on him. He HAS to be featured.

    Pleasantly surprised with Pinder. Good energy diet worker. Reminds me of a longer Eugene edgerson. And that's a good thing.

    Man is Ristic soft and slow.

    PJC impressed me. Didn't get taken advantage of, broke down the defense.

    Really like Kobi. If Trier returns they will be a force in the backcourt. And Kadeem played very veteran ball. IMO better than he looked all last year. Very deep in the backcourt.

    Chance looks serviceable.

    Such a shame not to have Ray with these guys. Such a shame.

    Will look forward to seeing Adkins coming out party when he "gets it" at this level. He can use the bully ball but can't rely on it. Has to develop counters to effectively use his considerable strength.

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