Suns @ Clippers game thread 12-20-17

Discussion in 'Phoenix Suns' started by Mainstreet, Dec 20, 2017.

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    Oct 19, 2003
    There are worse posters that are still posting on other forums... not that this is an excuse. :shrug:

    Slin may have only looked at stats but I thought this helped him bring a different perspective to the table. It was an untainted way of looking at the game.

    I wanted to get as much information from him as I could. He was uncanny in evaluating players less Bender.
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    After reading so many of his posts, unfortunately Slin was the worst at turning debates into a personal issues. There is a big difference between intellect and emotions.

    Such as someone who is, in fact, intelligent but just doesn't get it when dealing with people. A person who acts rationally understands that other people are entitled to their opinions, too.

    As the saying goes, "Attack problems, not people." Or another saying, "When you put people on the defensive, don't be surprised when they become defensive."

    Slin earned his banishment. Especially when he tried to sneak back on. Did he really believe that he was going to get away with being dishonorable? My guess is that ethics didn't even occur to him.

    BTW, I have nothing against him personally. But I do about his behavior. 'Big difference.

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