Silicon Valley Out of Control...

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by 82CardsGrad, Jan 2, 2018.

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    Not at all surprising to read this. I spend a good deal of time up in Silicon Valley and have personally witnessed the “too big to fail” egos and mindset that permeates that area of the country... People attack Trump for this type of out of control ego syndrome. And yet, it’s all that and then some within the entire high-tech eco system... Lengthy read here, but quite entertaining...

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    Didn't read the entire thing but it doesn't really surprise me. SV is such a crazy environment, it's so dominated by men in terms of numbers that things like this happen. There's been lots of talk lately about companies hiring models and hookers to attend company parties to keep the "geeks" happy who otherwise would be at a party that's mostly men. That sort of mentality just gets worse as you move up the ladder of success and finances I would imagine.

    So if you're 20 something and hanging out with hookers at a company party, when you're 30 and wealthy those wild sex and drug parties are just a logical next step.

    I actually saw your heading and expected it was going to be another article about real estate or homelessness, that's a huge topic there now the 2 go hand in hand, the higher up housing and rents go, the bigger the homeless problem is.

    It's one of those crazy situations where you have people so wealthy going to sex parties for entertainment and then you have people on the other end living in their car.

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