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    Dec 2, 2013 / Jeremy Bergman has the posted their rookie grades for each team.

    Here for the NFC West:

    Tabs take you to the other divisions.

    Cards get the lowest grade in their division with a C- (a generous grade). The biggest knock vs Cards was their failure to move on a FQB when both Watson and Mahomes were within relatively inexpensive draft trade range. RSJ as perhaps the biggest 'find' in last years' class.

    Seahags get a C. Their first round pick was out the entire year after suffering a ATV accident. Just as the Cards appear to ignore the QB position, Hags only went with one high OL player. Believe a big part of their impending decline is their inability to hit on the draft in recent years.

    Like to see more success in the draft with guys moving into the starting lineup sooner rather than later.
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    C- is extremely generous, especially when the first sentence starts out with,"The Cardinals choosing not to take a quarterback in any round of last year's draft was pure negligence." If Keim doesn't have a great draft this year...he has no business being a GM moving forward.
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