Never should have fired Dick Tomey

Discussion in 'University of Arizona' started by Timm Rosenbach, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. Timm Rosenbach

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    Sep 11, 2005
    Terrible facilities and no tradition. No one wants this "project." Amazing short-sighted stupidity got us to this point with the Tomey firing 16 years ago
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    In his last six seasons Tomey won more than 6 games once. I mean keeping him instead of hiring Makovic, sure...

    While we're at it; How the hell did Livengood end up surviving the Whacko fiasco?
  3. TJ

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    Not trying to defend the state of Arizona football, but the facilities are on par with any school in the conference that's not named Oregon.

    The reason things look so bleak right now is because the follow up recruiting after the Fiesta Bowl was horrendous. Half of these players would barely make MWC rosters and some never lived up to their 4-or-5-star status (looking at you Cobb, Denson, Ware, and Neal).

    That said, RichRod fired everyone of the defensive coordinators last season and replaced them with guys who can actually recruit and have legit connections to the L.A. schools, who are actively getting a pipeline to UofA (we finally have a kid from Long Beach Poly coming next season, which should've been a slam dunk considering that Antonio Pierce is the coach). In addition, they added another recruiting coordinator and demoted the one who made excuses as to why many 2-star guys were underrated. I'm not a fan of the star system, but the likelihood of finding more than one Scooby in a recruiting class is nil.

    I think this is rock bottom and the team will get better next season. This is a 2-3 year rebuilding process, one way or the other.
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