Former 'Zona LB Jake Fischer

Discussion in 'University of Arizona' started by Jeffrey Allen, Mar 5, 2017.

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    Not sure if anyone recalls this, but Jake Fischer was one of the 5 players that joined in with former UCLA bball player Ed O'Bannon to sue the NCAA over improper use of player likeness. Most people will know this case as the one that resulted in a cease of production on the EA Sports NCAA football series.

    I found this interview with one of one of Fischer's fellow plaintiffs in the case, which provides a lot of detail of the events surrounding that whole fiasco. A lot of light is shed on the NCAA giving improper treatment to student-athletes, which I have mixed feelings about. Regardless, I admire Fischer, Robinson, and O'Bannon for having the courage to stand up to the big, bad NCAA and let their voices be heard.

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