2018 World Cup

Discussion in 'World Sports' started by lorenzotexan, Feb 3, 2018.

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    So we are only a few months away from the tournament that a certain country did not qualify for that is to be hosted by another country that I care not to name(only joking here about the latter).

    With that said. Who are your early favourites?

    For me in spite of my home country failing (as if they stood a chance in this one anyway)...this will be must see tv. this one is about the haves and have-nots. Brazil, Germany, Belgium, and France are loaded with talent. Then there are the fringe sides like Spain, Argentina, and Iceland(they beat England so it must be so).

    I think Brazil have quietly formed into the most talented side with a lot to prove. They are my pick to pay back Germany for winning on their home soil 4 years ago. Of corse much is made of Brazil not winning in Europe, but is Russia really Europe? They have scores to settle with a few European sides.

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