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    1. Brighteyes
      Hi Shaggy - If you really want access, try contacting Mike Helm, Media Relations. He's on their website.

      Show him the number of fans here, & try going for a small slice - a weekly feature with a specific fan-friendly angle. If that works out, who knows where it will lead?

      They really want to communicate with their fans, after all.
    2. Cards_Campos
      Please ..look at my current thread. Listen I understand I can't be dropping F bombs but it is amazing the fans on this board. Many are antagonist who personally attack. I have displayed opinions no different then many fans here. Add an option that when you block someone they cant even read a thread from the person. Posting from a mobile device is hard when you are mad and doing it fast. Thanks for your time.
    3. BC867
      Hi. I thought I read that when I renewed my contribution, I would automatically be logged in, as I was in the past. But, since I got my new computer, I have to log in to each site that I frequent each time -- the D-backs, the Mercury and the Suns. At worst, once I log in for one, shouldn't I be logged in for all? I did check the box which says to keep me logged in.
    4. Harold Seattle
      Harold Seattle
      Your other site seems to be down.
    5. Harry
      Sorry, I can't help. I just post and don't even have any idea who owns the board these days. The guys I knew have long gone. I'm just too old to move. I just asked for some help on ads they now have as they were knocking me off. I used the contact link which I think was on the main screen. Have a nice holiday.
    6. BIGRED1959
      Hello good sir! What is the mailing address for this board? I am running into a moral dilemma with one of your mods and I would like to know if I intend on securing legal council that i could have a formal telephone number and address. I come in peace, very much hoping there can be a resolve but also I feel the urgency to "get my ducks in a row" if need be.

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