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Aug 10, 2005
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Feb 13, 1955 (Age: 63)
Wrentham, MA
English teacher

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Crawled Through 5 FB Fields, 63, from Wrentham, MA

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Viewing forum Arizona Cardinals, Feb 19, 2018 at 4:31 AM
    1. Redneck Voodoo
      Redneck Voodoo
      Thank you, sir.
    2. Redneck Voodoo
      Redneck Voodoo
      Hey Mitch,
      Was wondering if you've heard anything about NeverSayDieFan (Mark)? I know he lives in NC and it's been terrible out there and he hasn't been on since last Thursday. I don't know why you'd know, other than you guys seem to be friends.
      1. Mitch likes this.
      2. Mitch
        Hi Nelson! Thanks for asking. I will PM him to see. You are a great guy my friend.
        Oct 14, 2016
    3. Iceman

      Would you be willing to write up articles for the site? Not just about Cardinals, but other teams as well? We will be uploading a wordpress section for specific articles. You have such great articles throughout the years in threads. This will allow you to get your articles get more exposure.

      Let me know what you think and what ideas you may have.

      Thanks, Eric
    4. LarryStalling
      Hi Mitch. question for you. Is Jim Irsay subject to penalties for drug use like the players are?
    5. Jay Cardinal
      Jay Cardinal
      Hi Mitch, Did you see Chip Kelly/Eagles first game! Wow what a dynamic offense. I think they have the best speed I have seen since the Rams team with Faulk, Bruce and Holt. What would you scheme to take away? I don't think you can let the RB push you around like that. The high volume of zone running plays must just kill the DL and LBs late in the game. Vick had some serious running lanes, the OL played really well for Philly.
    6. LarryStalling
      I think that the comment made by MB regarding qb's is right on. I would not be surprised that the qb spot has been point of contention between whiz and MB ever since Lienart. I think ML was not the coach's choice but was "encouraged" to give him the starter nod in preseason. Then with his control over roster, Whiz just eliminated him so that he did not have to put up with MB tinkering with him.
      After Skelton had such an impressive last half of the year, MB again "suggested" that Skelton be given the nod even though people thought that Kolb had out performed in tc. Kolb settled in nicely until he was hurt when Whiz HAD to rely on Skelton., I think it really miffed MB that the staff could not coach up JS and in fact he was getting worse. It almost makes me wonder if Whiz was directly responsible for the failure of JS by design in retaliation for MB and interference.
    7. LarryStalling
      Hi Mitch,

      I have some connections to the highest levels of the Colt organization. I am told that their have been some discussions of trading Freeny, but since Luck has looked so good that they have been temporarily put on hold.
    8. LarryStalling
      Hi Mitch,

      Does McNabb have a substance abuse problem?
    9. LarryStalling
      Good Morning Mitch.

      I was just reading your post about the game vs. the Seattle Seahawks when i noticed your note at the end pertaining to the 2008 NFC Champs. Maybe you can redo that to read 2008 Nfc Champs and 2010 Nfc Chumps. Just a thought :)
    10. AZ Native
      AZ Native
      Mitch, as one of the few posters older than you, ha ha, I thought your Q post today was fantastic and shows great insight. I would like to meet you one day and shake your hand for expressing what so many of us feel,
    11. Catfish
      Hey there Mitch-----I want to let you know that I read your post on the SD game. I feel that it was one of your very best. I also saw where Chris says you plan on posting here on ASFN after you view the Packers game. I look forward to having you in the fold again, and want you to know that I have missed your comments. Hope to see you soon on the home board. Catfish
    12. Shogun
      Mitch, come back!! I'm going to post on this thing every day until you come back. I still see you lurking.
    13. cardpa
      Hey Mitch,

      Just wanted to drop you a note to say I have always appreciated your posts. I understand where you are coming from when it concerns a fait number of membrs here. That is why I have less than 300 posts even though I have been here for a number of years now. I just don't need the asinine comments from guys who think they are the be all end all here. Having lost my wife a couple of years ago I look at life very differently now. I have much less tolerence for mean people and rude people. They don't get how precious life is and that they should show more kindness and consideration to others.

      There is definitely a clic here. I have noticed that when people like me post a new thread almost no one responds to it no matter what the topic so I just don't post most of the time. Living in Pa I don't get a lot of Cardinal news so I come here for it.

      I for one will miss your posts. Good luck in the future. Thank you for all you have contributed here.

    14. IAWarnerFan
      Hi Mitch! Thanks for adding me.
    15. slanidrac16
      Mitch, I posted a thread specifically for you. Check it out, please
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    Feb 13, 1955 (Age: 63)
    Wrentham, MA
    English teacher
    High school teacher for 36 years. Coached football and basketball for 21 years.

    Cardinals, writing, golf