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  1. Passepartout
  2. Passepartout
    April is Awesome!
  3. Passepartout
    Easter is Here!
  4. Brighteyes
    Brighteyes Shaggy
    Hi Shaggy - If you really want access, try contacting Mike Helm, Media Relations. He's on their website.

    Show him the number of fans here, & try going for a small slice - a weekly feature with a specific fan-friendly angle. If that works out, who knows where it will lead?

    They really want to communicate with their fans, after all.
  5. Passepartout
    April is Here!
  6. Passepartout
    April Arising!
  7. Yuma
    Yuma Pariah
    I just finished the Lost City of Z. What did you think of it?
  8. Passepartout
    Spring Fling
  9. Passepartout
    Happy St Pattys
  10. Yuma
    Long way from home!
  11. Yuma
    Yuma BigRedRage
    BigRedRage, I started a thread in the finance section about looking for a job. One of the members said I should send a message to you. Not sure why. I appreciate any help you can give me.

    Thank you, Paul
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    2. BigRedRage
      I work in finance, let me check it out.
      Mar 13, 2017
  12. WildBB
  13. Passepartout
  14. Passepartout
    Ides of March!
  15. Bobcat